A new life at 82

How fast a year has flown by and this week, I was once again attending Auntie GY’s birthday party. It seemed like only yesterday that I wrote about her birthday bash and farewell to her old home.

The March 3 party was held at her new home, with her daughter and her family: a far larger home nearer the city, complete with swimming pool and in many ways so posh that even the hand towels in the washroom were rolled up individually like those in the best hotels’ rest rooms!

a section of the food

The spread was again generous; a tok panjang of many dishes and all served sitting down; the guests many; the soft drinks served in cut-glass tumblers.

But the celebration lacked the festivity of the last party, tinged tho that had been with some sadness due to the recent loss of the birthday girl’s husband.

She gave a speech as she did last year but a shorter one which essentially said that her daughter wanted her to have friends  come round more often. Halfway, she was again a bit teary but bravely held back the weepies and urged everyone to have more food.

I guess it’s because Auntie GY is still settling down into her new home, trying to find her feet. For her private space, she has an annexe in the house converted from the former TV den; it’s spacious with ensuite bathroom but compared to her old domain, it’s compact; only her piano was there. I saw no sign of the organ.

She did play the piano and sing but the songs were limited. Perhaps her singing partner, Pin, was absent. Perhaps also because another recent widow at the gathering rushed out at the first few chords of  “When Irish eyes are smiling”.

Perhaps Auntie GY will be in better form at her 83rd birthday… meanwhile, we demolished the birthday cake

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