Living to 120 years old in S’pore?

Last night (March 4) after a sampler chair yoga class arranged by an ex-colleague at the Kampong Glam Community Club, I decided to sign up for the next course which comprises 6 lessons.

The price of the course would have been $50 but would be reduced by 20% if I became a Passion ezlink Card member.

The Passion ezlink Card, according to its website is “a membership card for members of the People’s Association including Grassroots Leaders, members of Community Clubs (CC) / Water-Ventures. ”

But while I was at the CC I didn’t know the connection. Only that I would get a discount. All I was thinking was whether I needed to pay more than the discount’s value to get the Passion Card.

As it turned out, the card, promising a plethora of discounts besides that for the chair yoga, cost all of $10.

So I signed up, as without it I would have to pay $50 for the course, while with it, I pay $40. And with the $10 saved, i got a Passion Card which no doubt should come in handy some day.

All these are small sums and probably aren’t worth recording if not for the fact that in the application form for the Passion Card, I saw something rather startling.

fees for 60-120 yr group!

I couldn’t believe my eyes and had to check with the staff at the CC that there was no mis-print. He assured me that it was accurate and on checking with the People’s Association website today, I found that the upper age limit for membership is indeed 120 years old.

Talk about preparing Singapore for an ageing society! There is no better proof than this that there’s still in life in many of us yet.

Thus those of us already in our 60s or heading fast that way need no longer lament that we’ve already used up 75 per cent of our life-span and despair. Instead, with 120 years old being the new limit, most of us  still have miles of years ahead of us yet — be4 we sleep.

There will be plenty of time to stand, stare, smell the roses and even take those leisurely walks in Japan which so many of us have been talking about! I find this very comforting because the future suddenly becomes more meaningful and vibrant.

4 thoughts on “Living to 120 years old in S’pore?

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