Super luxe meal @ super private home

Last Thursday, Feb 25, I was treated to a super luxe meal at a super private home off Holland Road. 

As the hostess requested “privacy, because I’m a very private person”, I won’t say more other than post pix of the specially prepared meal, with a word or two to go with the dishes, as a sort of aide memoire for my culinary recollections. 

sashimi quality salmon yu-sheng

We started with yu-sheng, which contained a large serving of sashimi grade salmon marinated in aged brandy so fragrant that its scent could be smelt across the room. 

Adding further kick to the yu-sheng were Calmex abalone strips and finely sliced lime leaves. 

The next item to grace the table was individual braised abalones matched with baby kailan. 

I had eaten mine serving entirely be4 I realised that I hadn’t captured the dish for future salivating, so had to beg to take a shot of another guest’s half-finished portion. 


The abalone was followed by North Sea halibut, richly textured, firm to the bite yet tastily so and a noodle dish with pork knuckle, the latter with the name Wang Choi Zhao Sow, which in Cantonese means extraordinary gains are at hand. 

The piece de resistance of the dinner must be the cave birds’ nest (as opposed to the house-bred nest) doubled boiled with Chinese herbs and quail’s eggs in a coconut. 

And everything was washed down with a 2006 bottle of Australian Shiraz. 

solid halibut steak

unusual gains are near!

double-boiled treasure

treasure revealed


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