Meeting online pals offline

Whenever I tell someone in my monthly lunch group that Mrs GL — whom I brought into the group some seven or eight years ago — was initially someone I had met online, I usually get a quizzical look that sort of says: “hey, isn’t that sort of risky?”

The remark that always follows is this: “You mean you met her husband the same way too?”

No, I didn’t. I met him thru her and the group embraced him — a high flying financial controller — when she brought him into the group.

It’s something of the “six degrees” thingie* It turned out that Mr and Mrs GL know the organiser of my lunch group as the lay leader of their church and had in fact gone on annual family retreats with him!

Besides meeting Mrs GL, other sg-online pals I’ve met include Pei and Kucinta, both of whom came within my radar in the early days of the Internet in Singapore. At some time or other, I talked with them or their pals about working together on projects.

So, meeting online friends offline isn’t something new to me. It’s always interesting to match the words and the thoughts that are espoused online with the faces, minds and lives that created and shaped them.

Last Saturday (Feb 27) saw me meeting with Blur Ting and her beau CH, thanks to Amy Lam — whom I met in the traditional way — thru a friend, a couple of years ago.

Amy gave lunch at her cosy nook in Marine Parade and I went along expecting to see other mutual friends as well, but it turned out to be strictly for bloggers only.

strictly western

It was a pleasant afternoon, spent munching away at a deli-spread that Amy had thrown together with the seemingly casual effort of a typical Westerner (she isn’t one but has imbibed the best of their house-keeping skills), washed down with sparkling rose and Chenin Blanc.

Somewhere amidst the eating n drinking, I sensed I might have gotten into the deep end when I declared in my thoughtless way that Rev Rony Tan’s spiel against Buddhists n gays was only to be expected since evangelism was what the canons of Christianity commanded 😦

No one contradicted or agreed with me and somehow the conversation meandered elsewhere as each of us prodded gently to find common ground.

Later, Amy assured me in a bilateral eml that I didn’t tread on any toes — which is good to know!

i'm dwarfed!

It’s good to know too that Blur  enjoyed the meeting as evidenced by her post that referred to the lunch, complete with photos — which incidentally confirmed that i should have kept my Bendemeer Road $10 ensemble strictly for home wear!

*Six degrees of separation (also referred to as the “Human Web”) is the idea that, if a person is one step away from each person he knows and two steps away from each person who is known by one of the people they know, then everyone is at most six steps away from any other person on Earth!


5 thoughts on “Meeting online pals offline

  1. Your six degrees of separation is too profound for me! But thanks for the company and great to catch up with online friends offline!

  2. Blur: me too!

    Amy: 6 degrees not my invention lah! Wish it were so… it’s the antithesis of fooled by randomness. One theory says everything is connected; the other says nothing is connected. Take yr pick!

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