Something tragic happened on Weds to

tragic end for fav necklace

my favourite necklace about which I had written here.

I had received it from C back in August last year, one of three sets of costume jewellery brought back for me from Bangkok as pressies.

I was immediately taken by the metal set whereas the other two sets I returned to C, on the ground that if I didn’t particularly care for them, I shouldn’t accept them.

And since then, I had been wearing the necklace on several dozen occasions and each time when I meet someone who hasn’t seen it on me be4, I’d be complimented.

Then Z bought me that lovely pendant from the Swarovski HQ in Austria earlier this year, complete with choker.

So I’ve been alternating between the pendant and the BKK necklace.

Then tragedy struck on Wednesday when I was having lunch at the Tian Jin Restaurant at Bras Basah Complex and was wearing my metal necklace.

Unexpectedly, the clasp gave way and the little pennants strung across the metal cord cascaded to the floor.

OK, if the incident had happened in the restaurant itself, I would have scooped up the fallen pennants with alacrity.

But as luck would have it, the clasp chose to break when i was in the restroom and however well cleaned the floor might be, I just couldn’t bring myself to pick up the pieces on the ground.

I’ve a horror of germs and I’ve washed my hands more times so far in my life-time than even the famed Lady Mac. So no way could I, would I, salvage the pieces that have touched the floor.

Now all I’ve left of that fav necklace are a few of the pieces which I managed to save before they fell off my neck, plus the broken metal cord — as a reminder of what I once had. In fact, while doing my darndest to prevent the pieces from succumbing to gravity, I almost dropped my handbag!

If that had happened, I really won’t know what I would have done! Imagine, all the contents of my handbag ending up on the toilet floor. Moooowwahhhh! Thank goodness nothing so tragic occurred.

In the end, I consoled myself with the fact that I didn’t keep the necklace for best! At least i got a lot of wear and pleasure out of it before it broke into pieces! And those that hit the toilet floor ended their existence ignominously there! 😦


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