Another real cheap thrill

I didn’t think I wrote anything particularly scintillating in my post yesterday or the day before but voila, I garnered 124 page views yesterday.

No big deal for those who get them by the thousands or hundreds of  thousands per day but it wasa  significant enough jump for me whose site chugs along at an average of 50 per day page views.

And if I make the effort to email my friends and enemies to visit, I get perhaps another 35% to 40% more page views.

But I made no such effort yesterday.

So the sudden rise was worth investigating.

I checked and found that one new referrer appeared in the statistics and it was none other than Mediacorps

I clicked on the link and found that I’d been favoured with a mention under blogtv’s blog roll with this blurb: Do we have to end up tipping the police?!Thanks to my post on no-no to tipping on Feb 17.

I’m mighty pleased. I get a cheap thrill out of the fact that a website of some standing has actually given the singaporegirl website exposure. And here is the evidence to show that it wasn’t a figment of my imagination.

woot! on blogtv's blogroll!


3 thoughts on “Another real cheap thrill

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  2. It means exactly wot it says: BlogTV gives a reference point so that anyone interested cld visit yr site. :-D!

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