Packed day

This will be a short post, just to keep alive my resolution of a post a day.

First thing, a set of 4 cousins, plus one spouse, plus two children plus one grand-child visited our home.

Second thing, brother handed over my late father’s sister who may be two years older or two years younger than my mum for us to look after. Hand-over was done at Melodies Property office in Bencoolen Street where aunt had gone to call on an old neighbour from their Queen Street days.

Oh, what a difference some 75 years has made! The old neighbours are now the controlling shareholders of Hotel Royal whereas my aunt is a retired staff of the CPC, living on her pension in Guangzhou.

Third thing, another brother hosted tonight’s potluck dinner at the Club House of Signature Park where we have units, his a very liveable size unit, and mine something where there’s not enough room to swing a cat! What a difference our individual decisions — and purse strength or lack of it — has made!

Now my aunt is with us and I don’t know how long she’s staying. She was supposed to leave on Sunday but I just overheard her on the phone telling her daughter in China she may delay her return for a few days.

Here’s keeping my fingers crossed that my mother can put up with the interruption to her normal schedule. And mine too, of course!

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