Those I seldom see..

There are some people whom I’ve known for decades who I don’t see very often, if at all, even though almost everyone of them live in Singapore. 

One such group meet often enough among themselves but I’m not involved. And every time I get to see them, it is through the invitation extended by WC who regularly ensures such a get-together. 

So, there I was at one such a gathering today. We were back again at the Regent Hotel’s Summer Palace Restaurant for some fine Chinese dining. It’s WC’s favorite restaurant and  she again hosted. 

The food was as usual exquisite. Although I’ve had yu-sheng on at least 10 occasions already this Chinese New Year season, today’s lunch gave me my first taste this year of abalone cum salmon yu-sheng. 

deluxe yusheng

The golden pumpkin soup which followed was equally a treat. I had always thought the golden pumpkin was only for decoration but Summer Palace proved me wrong. 

 The pumpkin, steamed till tender, was a very treasure trove of delectable seafood, including a generous table spoonful of fresh crab meat. It was so good that even a non-soup drinker like me was seduced into drinking the rich concoction, even as I spooned out the goodies into my waiting mouth. 

tasty treat awaits

open sesame

four treasures

 The soup was followed by a cold dish of four treasures: jellyfish, roast duck, suckling pig and soy sauce chicken. There were two veggies: spinach with mushrooms and dao-meow; steam soon hock followed by noodles. We finished with individually chosen desserts: I opted for aloe vera jelly which turned out to be a lot richer and sweeter than expected, and included a generous helping of diced fresh mango. To be honest, I prefer the plainer version from the Crystal Jade chain.  

Finally, a group picture for the album till we meet again, who knows where, who knows when, or until WC hosts another of her always generous meals!

pretty mates in a row


3 thoughts on “Those I seldom see..

  1. Hi Pei! Nice to hr fm u! I miss yr annual SMS New year greetings! Thanks for compliment on “looking good”. Are u sure u recognise me? The group photo is of women who incidentally look rather alike because we are of all of a certain age! And happy Tiger Year to u too! Have a roaring great one!

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