What a Nice surprise

Early last month, I received an unexpected email from a person calling herself (himself?) Shiela who said she’s from homefurnituredepot.net which she claimed “operate the largest Home Furniture & Office Furniture website featuring more than 30,000 blogs. Our site averages 200,000 unique visitors per month.”

She also said “As a kind note we have featured your blog” and asked me to add homefurnituredepot’s web link to my blog’s main page.

As a rule I’m wary of emails from strangers. And certainly would not reciprocate links created unilaterally without some investigation, as I don’t wish to be mired in porno or controversial sites hosted outside Singapore.

However, I was surprised that the link Shiela gave me led me not to a furniture store but a large, random and haphazardly organised directory of blogs. The few I checked were interesting and generally innocuous enough tho I didn’t explore thoroughly to confirm that there are no sleasy links lurking among the thousands of links.

But the real surprise was finding a blog about a grand old lady I had the pleasure of eating with a few times — before she passed away at over 90 years.

The blog is about Mrs Nice CXXX — yes, Nice was really her name and she lived up to every bit of her name. She was gracious and friendly, unlike some of the grand dames wannabes of tomorrow.

What I didn’t know was that Nice was such a good and prolific cook and left behind a body of recipes that are both as useful today as they were in her younger days. And what a wonderful way her recipes have captured the food tastes of Singaporeans in our recent past.

Great that her grand-daughter has shared her grandmother’s recipes so generously. Pity that the blog’s not been updated for more than a year already 😦

4 thoughts on “What a Nice surprise

  1. I have been refering to Nice’s recipe on and off for several years. Yes, I agree, it’s nice that her granddaughter is sharing the wonderful recipes via the blog.

  2. Did you know Nice personally too? Did she use to share her recipes with friends? What a co-incidence or, as they say in the US of A: six degrees of separation? I’ve not tried any of her recipes — yet, but may do so by and by!

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