What a waste!

A friend has sent a paper shredder (Asmix which shreds 7 pieces of paper at one go) from her office for me to use, so I foresee much time ahead spent sorting out my old papers and having those carrying information that I don’t want strangers to see made into confetti.

The trouble with paper shredders is that they can’t be worked non-stop. The one I’ve been loaned stops dead after 10 minutes. And will not start again till it cools down, like 30 minutes or so later. So that leaves me time to sort be4 shredding.

And one of the most ridiculous waste I’ve found among the stacks of papers waiting to be shredded is the self-addressed pre-paid envelope which I receive monthly from clubs and service providers of all descriptions.

As the clubs and service providers which invoice me have alternative modes of payment for those who like me don’t use Giro liberally (I reserve Giro strictly for payments to Government or Government-linked agencies), I wonder what proportion of the self-addressed pre-paid envelopes sent out go to waste?

For me, it’s about 99% of the time, as I tend to pay my credit card bills either right at the bank or through the ATM. For my club bills, I sign a cheque whenever I am at the clubs while for Starhub. M1 and Pacnet, I do so either at 7-11 shops or at SAM or AXS machines.

Hence, the dozens of self-addressed envelopes I’ve collected over the years will be left tomorrow in the condo’s lobby to give them a second chance to do what they were meant for!

Not many years ago, I used to receive letters from people who recycled used envelopes by turning them inside out. Now, I’m throwing out unused envelopes!

How times have changed!

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