Cheapest & good!

There was one more positive thing that happened on the day (Feb 1) that I decided wasn’t so sucky after all. And it was having a great noodle (pho) dish with pork balls and slices and loads of fresh veggies — all for $3, in a restaurant setting, with waitress service, all smiles and politeness. No GST, no service charge!

I stumbled on this great buy on the way to Glory on East Coast Road, just after the junction with Joo Chiat Road.

The smallish restaurant is called Lerk Thai I think though when I passed it on another day — after the Holy Family mass– my friend who was with me spoke to the waitress at the door and there was some mention of a “change of management”.


Here is the noodle dish I had, which rivalled any I’ve had at Vietnamese restaurants or those sold at double the price by Lerk Thai at the Takashimaya Food Hall.

More than $3 worth of goodness for just $3!


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