Not so sucky on balance

I had twittered that today is sucky, in so far as a pre-arranged lunch appointment was cancelled abruptly by my lunch partner, a friend, back from abroad for the Chinese New Year saying that she needed to run some errands.

Worse, she had initiated the appointment in the first place and agreed to my condition to accompany me to Joo Chiat to check out Glory’s New Year cookies — something I’ve been intending to do, since my trip to that corner of Singapore for the Holy Family mass.

I was quite put off. I hate arrangements agreed to being suddenly unscrambled for no urgent reasons. It’s like me going to a restaurant intending to eat a certain dish. On arrival, if it’s not available, I’ve been known to lose my apetite, then even to develop indigestion, something I’m usually immune to, no matter how much I pig out.

Today’s other hiccup is the little matter of the paper shredder. After much shopping around and even emailing contacts for leads, I finally settled for one from, after speaking to one of its partners on the phone who assured me that if delivery is to a home address, it could be done on the same evening.

But there was no acknowledgement whatsoever to my online order sent be4 lunch. And despite a second email after speaking again, late in the afternoon, to the same onlineshop’s partner I had spoken to earlier, there’s no machine, no contact, no acknowledgement!

And there are the piles of documents I’ve hauled out from the darkest corners of my home awaiting shredding!

Yet, in the calmer hours after dinner, I begin to appreciate that today isn’t so sucky after all.

First, I did get to check out Glory by myself — as I had intended. So friend’s lunch cancellation was just restoring status quo ante.

Second, the paper shredder saga: well, at least I’ve placed the order for the unit, insteading of dithering over whether it’s worth the cost. Hopefully it would appear within the week! If not…. that’s another story, another post!

Third, because my trip to Joo Chiat was done solo, I saved a lot of time and so could take my mother for her blood checks at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, a day earlier than intended.

True, her picky maid was super naughty while we were out and I had to read her the riot act again but that turned out to be a plus nevertheless, as that cleared the air of sulks and sour faces which we have to put up with occasionally from Siti at her crankiest.

2 thoughts on “Not so sucky on balance

  1. Oh, I was flipping through an old old magazine and guess what, the editor did a taste test on a bunch of pineapple tarts and said Glory makes the best ones. Crumbly and buttery tart topped with moist and chunky pineapple jam.

    I was thinking of getting some from Glory this year.

    Ha ha, your mum’s maid sounds like my mum’s previous one. Super temperamental and sulky.

  2. Glory used to be my fav when it first appeared mebbe 10 yrs ago? First found the tarts at the BP (when we still had BP!!) station next door. Selling for $9.50 a tin compared with $11.50 today.

    As for mum’s Siti: we can write a whole case study abt her. She’s clean, clever, meticulous to a fault. Gd at cooking, sewing; reads high-brow books such as the Islamist in English and the newspapers; draws n paints well. But so sulky so often! Without the sulks, she wld be the perfect maid. Sigh! Seeing yr mum’s old maid is somehwat similar, mayb there’s a reason for the sulks?

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