Looking for Lee Han Shih?

well, well, look no further: here he is, the ex-Business Times’ journalist whose columns, especially on property matters, were biting and controversial. 

emerging Rupert M?

Actually, I wasn’t looking for him but as is my habit, I drop by at Heng-Cheong Leong’s marvellous aggregator site several times a week, as unlike other aggregator sites, his appears not to have any agenda other than to give visitors’ an easy reference point for the hot and interesting Singapore-related topics on the Internet.Hence I stumbled upon a website called The Long and Winding Road about growing up in Singapore and elsewhere, full of nostalgia about a vanished time. So frightening considering that sometimes what the writer waxed lyrical about was less than 40 years ago but light years in the past, even for me who has lived thru them too.

The wonder of the Internet is that one thing often leads to another. So, while I was surfing along Jerome Lim’s Long and Winding Road, I stumbled upon a link to asia!

And voila! Found that Lee Han Shih has metamorphosed as the founder, publisher and editor of asia!  while his former Business Times colleague Margaret Thomas  is its managing editor.

(Margaret Thomas is probably best known as one of the Old Guard at Aware who fought their way back to power last year by throwing out the New Guard who had temporarily ousted them at the organisation to promote women’s rights in Singapore.)

asia! sees itself as an online and mobile platform for Asian bloggers and other writers. For readers, asia! is a place to get a feel for what ordinary Asians are thinking, talking about and doing — in short, a glimpse of the Asia that lies beyond the news headlines.

4 thoughts on “Looking for Lee Han Shih?

  1. Hi Someone: Thanks for dropping by n letting me know what else LHS is up to! Have checked the link. Mighty interesting and sure wld interest those tracking/stalking LHS 😉 Pse keep me posted on other developments!

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