12 X 12 @ Suntec is no more..

.. and in its place is Skinny Pizza.

I discovered this when I went to meet Z for our meal at Mad for Garlic on Monday. Because it’s a new place (where Marche had been I was told), I found myself walking in circles till Z came out of Mad to look for me.

And while I was going round in circles, I kept finding myself outside this Skinny Pizza joint which looked vaguely familiar. Then I knew why it was familiar. It’s an adjunct of  that cutesy place for brows called Browhaus (apparently a play on Bauhaus, geddit?).

Ah! Skinny is the reincarnation of 12 X 12 which I first visited in June 2008!

thin on diners?

After lunch, I returned and took a pix, for the record. And to convince myself that 12 X 12 is really no more, tho in Singapore’s fast changing F&B landscape, I don’t know why I should be surprised that eating places are opening and shutting like turnstile gates.

A quick check on the Net for food reviews on Skinny showed that they started appearing from January 09, which suggests that it must have replaced 12 X 12 not long after my second and last visit in October 08.

Well, Skinny has managed to be going for a year already. Hope it can last but if its formula is anything like the defunct 12 X 12 — offering great service but expensive yet mediocre food– then my prediction is that it’s not going to be around for very long.

However, I  hope it will last till I make my next visit to that corner of Sunect City, try its fares and give my verdict 😉


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