Addicted to Shanghai Dynasty mahjong

I know nothing about online games like Maple Story but a few months ago, flying Emirates Airlines to and from Australia, I got addicted to playing the Shanghai Dynasty mahjong computer game while in the air.

Since then, whenever I go online, I need to play the game at least once! Which makes it perhaps four or five times day!

It was one of the games available onboard and in the comfort of my seat between meals and the movies, I discovered SHG Dynasty which requires the player to match pairs of mahjong tiles online, removing them off the board, two by two.

Pieces could only be cleared from the edges of the game board. Those blocked by other pieces on both sides could not be moved.

it's addictive!

It was simple and a no-brainer and I thought I would be bored stiff after the third or fourth games.

Alas, no! At last I understand why some people play the Solitaire card game doggedly till they get to match and remove all the suites of cards.

For me, it’s the desire, no craving — to get all the tiles to match and see the words “Well Done” appear on the screen!

Yet, horribly, each game is more likely to end mid-way with the dreaded words, “No more moves”! (below) Then I would have to decide whether to let go or press the restart button and end up once again frustrated because not all the pieces could be cleared off the board.

tantalising end

More frustrating is that I don’t know whether some of the games are programmed such that it’s not possible to match all the tiles, however carefully one moves, because some of the matching tiles are stacked on top of each other. 

If it’s a game played for money, then it’s clearly rigged.

But since it isn’t, it’s somewhat like life. We may make all the right moves but unknown to us, the chips held by the Great Unknown could be all stacked against some of us!


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