This friend always pampers me

Some people divide their friends into friends in need and fair weather friends. I have that sort of friends too but among those who remain friends despite our interpersonal ups and downs, I have a special category.

This is the group who, for whatever reason, pampers me. I don’t delve into the whys. Just enjoy the pampering.

Z belongs firmly in this group. Always helpful, always warm, makes the effort to stay in touch, however cramped life is with its myriads of time-consuming distractions.

Best of all, whenever we meet, I’m treated to a meal and given a present. (Yeah, I’m that shallow!)

It’s no different when we met up today, after a 9-month hiatus, during which Z has been all over Europe.

Before we began our meal at the unusually named Mad for Garlic at Suntec City’s Galleria, I was handed a Swarovski box, direct from its headquarters in Austria I was told.

So here I’m wearing my latest present from Z. When I got home, I found the pendant to be a perfect match for a pair of earrings I own.

swarovski ruby n aquamarine

match made on earth

This post won’t be complete without showing off what I ate (below) at Mad for Garlic which Z chose to buy lunch, based on a recommendation from the Mediacorp magazine 8Days.

As I love garlic, I really liked the garlic which appeared as flakes, sauce and not sure what else in both the salad and the spaghetti which was super chilli hot and just the way I like it.
Everything had a strong garlicky taste, although that taste isn’t meant to transfer to one’s breath after the meal. This apparently is the killer draw of the restaurant, though that won’t be the reason I will go back. It’s for the very good service we enjoyed.

our starter

hot n galicky!


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