As others see me?

Earlier this week, while eating with an old colleague who has risen somewhat in world — he’s now the chairman of a boutique investment bank — he surprised me with this question:

“Hey, are you Kitchen Tigress?”

“Don’t be funny,” I replied indignantly.

“Sounds like you…”

“Does not”

“And it’s something that you might think it’s funny to do…”

“I don’t! I’m not that wu liao..”

He wasn’t convinced but the conversation thankfully changed when another friend joined us.

That’s the trouble with people who aren’t regular — or even –blog readers. They pick up the story/ies from the MSM (Kitchen Tigress made it to the Straits Times online as Breaking News for goodness sake! and the main paper last Saturday) and then put two and two together and make five.

Based on the gist, they tie it with someone who has a blog. They don’t even bother to go online and check further.

For those reading this who haven’t been following the Kitchen Tigress’ exploits at OCBC, here is the link to her magnum opus. Basically, the Tigress went to an OCBC branch on her birthday and made a song and dance, figuratively speaking, when the staff there didn’t give her a cake.

Then she blogged about it in excruciating detail.

Days after the lunch, I’m still left bemused that my friend actually made that tenuous connection between me and the Tigress. I’ve nothing against OCBC for heaven’s sake, dear QPL! 8)


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