Countdown to Tiger Year

Today is the start of the last lunar month of the Year of the Bull. And it’s just 30 days when we would be saying kungxi, kungxi.

Loving coffee

Earlier this week, a friend pulled out a jar of pineapple tarts while we were having coffee at Loving Hut, Pomo Centre. When pineapple tarts are in plenty, then Lunar New Year can’t be far behind!

Bettering that was WN-C who last Sunday held a gathering of old colleagues of various ages  from diverse departments at her new home: our only common link was that each of us had worked with some of the others at OCBC Bank in Chula Street, at one time or another.

And the piece de resistance was salmon lohei: quite the first at this time of the year for all, since we were more than a month from when the Tiger would come charging in.

Lohei with gusto!

However, as WN-C would be going off to Australia with her kids to start school be4 the end of this month and hence won’t be celebrating the Tiger year with our Singaporean gusto, she ordered the lohei specially to wish her ex-colleagues all the best.

When it comes to good food, who cares whether it’s seasonal or not, so long as it is not late! And a good time was had by all, not least me who even indulged in some hee-peow soup, tho I stuck strictly to the “treasures” in the soup, as I don’t as a rule drink soup.

dry soup's my cup of tea


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