Happy mix up

Occasionally, some incorrect information, a wrong fact, a wrong name gets stuck in my head and for some inexplicable reason, no amount of being put right can I ever get it straight!

Take, for example, a teenager living in one of the apartments above me. I’ve known him since a toddler and I always get his name wrong.

“Hello auntie,” he would greet me.

“Hi Keith,” I would reply.

“No, auntie, that’s my father.”

“Oh yes, you are Eugene!”

“No, that’s my brother.”

“Er you are…?

“I’m Mervyn…”

“Oh, yes, of course you are! How can I forget…”

I can and do forget, the next time we meet, which is usually several weeks later.

By now the poor kid who has grown up to be a gangly teenager indulgently allows me to go thru the name-game, perhaps thinking that I do it on purpose. I don’t.

Each time I’ve been corrected, I make a silent vow not to let it happen again. Only to slip up, again, I admit with some embarrassment.

And so it is with some names of buildings too. Take Fortune Centre which i visit often enough. I know it is called Fortune Centre. But for reasons I can’t think of, I’ve always thought its name in Chinese is Fu Lu Shou. Thus in my mind, Fortune Centre and Fu Lu Shou are one and the same thing.

Hence, when I read that Small Fry, whose blog i visit occasionally, was going to treat Blur Ting to a meal at a vegetarian restaurant called Yogi House at Fu Lu Shou I couldn’t help jumping in to suggest that they should try Sophie’s New Green Pasture Cafe on the 4th floor.

Small Fry didn’t put me right but late last month on my way back to my car after another of my ad hoc visits to the Waterloo Street Kwan Yin Temple, I suddenly saw the name Fu Lu Shou on a building I always thought had no name — it is at the diamterically opposite corner of the square from where Fortune Centre is!

Goodness, I thought!

I had time to spare and decided to check out Yogi House for myself. There was no sign on the tenants signboard but Information told me where it was.

It’s a lot larger, brighter (it has windows looking onto Rochor Road) and better furnished than Sophie’s. It was after 2pm but there was a handful of diners as well as browsers checking out its organic grocery offerings.

I thought since I was there I might as well try something.

And here is where Yogi House is exactly like Sophie’s: the service is perfunctory to non-existent. I waited several minutes while the only person taking orders was chatting with what seemed to be “regulars”.

When I finally got her attention, it was like “yes????”; not exactly inviting questions that I wanted to ask about the menu. So, I decided to go with what caught my eye and that was basil fried bee hoon.

As i waited for the food to be prepared, I had second thoughts. I like basil, I like bee hoon but I know I don’t like anything “fried” but I felt too intimidated to go back to the counter to change my order.

But oh happy fate! When the dish was brought to my table, I found that it wasn’t so much fried bee hoon as braised, without a trace of oil! It was slurpiliciously good. Further, a robust soup came with the dish, again a happy development I hadn’t expected, because I didn;t realised I had ordered a set! And all for $6 which is a steal and far cheaper than a similar meal at Sophie’s!

delicious basil bee hoon

Two things are for sure: 1) I will go back to Yogi House and 2) I won’t mix up Fu Lu Shou with Fortune Centre!

5 thoughts on “Happy mix up

  1. Sometimes it’s really that simple, isn’t it? I feel a little stupid for not thinking of this myself/earlier, though.

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