Help! Straits Times is sooooo sticky…

That was my first thought when I got up this morning and found the Sunday Times (ie the Sunday edition of the Straits Times) on the dining room table.

Tsk, I thought! Trying to make it difficult for me to give up the papers, izzit? And I thought the non-appearance of the ST yesterday showed that the message got thru. I donch want the ST for 2010, OK!

Seems not have done so.

Will have to call their circulation people tomorrow, sigh, and make it quite clear, for fear I’d be billed.

Then I noticed that mum’s Zaobao was nowhere to be seen. Penny dropped.  The newsvendor or his kaki must have got things mixed up. No Straits Times, got Zaobao was interpreted as No Zaobao, got Straits Times.

Annoying! Mum’s maid was sent high tailing to the petrol station next door to pick up a Zaobao be4 mum got up and there’s no paper for her to read.

Doubly annoying is the fact that I’ve still to call circulation tomorrow to straighten things out.

Whatever happened to straight through processing at such a large company as SPH which makes a cool $1/2 billion a year!


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