First day without the Straits Times

Today (Jan 2) is the first day without home delivered Straits Times, as I’ve cancelled my subs.  This isn’t the 1st time. Did without home delivery in 2008 but took an online subscription instead.

Went back to home delivery in 2009 for one reason: In 2008, I missed an obituary that was intensely and personally important to me. I thought I should at least make the effort for loved ones of good friends. And the ST is a primary source for such obits.

I ditched the online subs at the same time because, frankly, I never got round to reading much from my 2008 subscription.

This time round, I’ve ditched both. I wonder how long this will last? 😀

Meanwhile, this morning, I did get to finish reading pages of the Dec 20 and Dec 30 issues of the ST. There are stacks more stemming from even earlier to go through.

And if I ever hanker badly for news as captured by the SPH group, I’ve got my Business Times online subscription to turn to. Or if withdrawal symptoms get really bad, i can always pick up a copy of the ST at the petrol station next door.

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