Giving up Straits Times in 2010

I’ve decided not to continue with my subscription of the Straits Times into 2010. While the $332 I will save isn’t a large sum, I am making a small effort not to waste money on needless consumption.

I wish I could say I’m doing this to save the environment and with one fewer subscriber, I may help to save a tree from losing a few twigs. But no, lah, I’m no bleeding heart chic greenie.

I wish i could say I’m doing this because I take huge umbrage with the editorial policies of the paper. But again, no lah, I’m far from high-minded. Sometimes I support; sometimes, I’m against.

Like most things in life, I believe that a person who never changes his/her position about anything is also a person who can’t take his/her pants/panties off. Hoo, hoo, hoo as Liang Po-po would say! 🙂

Fact is, I no longer read the ST from end to end; the classified ads plus all the pages with the display ads are usually discarded first thing be4 I even get to the news.

I no longer read from end to end, because there are so many alternative sources of information and news as well as alternative distractions. Also, as an ordinary citizen, I’ve no need to know everything whether world news or local news in detail. Just the gist will do, thank you very much.

I hate not finishing the paper daily and have developed the habit of holding back sections to read more closely when I find the time. However I never seem to find enough time and/or interest to complete reading yesterday’s, last month’s, or last half-year’s news.

A friend told me she’s just begun to read her July papers; not because she’s been away but because she never manages to catch up with the papers that are delivered. She steadfastly refuses to read current news until she finishes the backlog!

She’s the opposite of my mother, who refuses to let go of her Zaobao till she’s gone thru all the pages at one sitting. Then she never looks at them again because “who wants to read old news?”

I have neither of their discipline. I just scan, read fully here and skip there. Then when I go over the old papers piling up, I just pick them up randomly. Hence I’ve got some papers from April, August and many from September and October. With the year coming to the end, most will go unread.

Next year, without a subscription, i won’t be bugged by the weight of old half-read or unread newspapers. Or have good shelf space taken up.

And should the desire to hold a newspaper in my hand creep up on me, as I’m sure it would now and again, I can always assuage that with a quick leap to the petrol station next door and pick up that particular day’s paper!


5 thoughts on “Giving up Straits Times in 2010

  1. haha

    i think the problem is with the online new outlets u dun have to get a newspaper since technically the world news theydelivery is like one day behind… i only read the gossip column in life, that the only section i would read word for word..

    but now in japan i rely on the internet, free and no tree are cut down XD

  2. Yup, with so many online outlets, traditional newspapers r an indulgence. Glad to see u r keeping well in Japan. Btw, a friend of mine says the rangers found a Jack Russell at Bt Batok Park, tho she didn’t know when that happened… 😦

  3. Hi Auntie Lucia! I am pretty much like you. I throw out the CATS section and pretty much scan through the papers before I start work every morning thinking I could read some long articles in detail later. But one can never find the time to do that. Though I refuse to subscribe, I still find myself buying a copy at the newstand every day. It’s a hard habit to break, I wonder if you can ever get used to it.

  4. I don’t know whether I can kick the habit either. But it’s telling, when I returned last month from an 8-day holiday in Melbourne where I didn’t read many newspapers, surf the Net or even watched TV, I didn’t rush to “catch up” with the Straits Times when I got home. We shall see…

    And my neighbours often put out stax of almost unread Straits Times for the Tuesday trash man!

    Tellingly too, the free copies of TODAY at the Tanglin and Singapore Cricket Clubs are mostly available for grabs, even after 2pm!!

    Newspapers won’t disappear but more n more people will depend less on them, I think.

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