Four in a row?

I simply can’t believe it. When dropping by TK’s niece’s home in the Kew suburb of Melbourne, TK asked what I would like to drink. Water, please.

Then it happened. As she handed me my glass over the counter she knocked over her mug of tea which sloshed directly into my open handbag sitting on a high stool, soaking all its contents, plus the bag’s nylon material!

Even the currency notes were wet, not to say my Kipling wallet, some papers etc

The only consolation was that the tea was unsweetened and much diluted, that being her fourth mug, without changing the tea bag.

When I regaled TK with what took place in the week be4 I arrived in Melbourne — see — she replied in her usual short sharp way: “Have you ever thought you might be the common factor in all these incidents?”


Not very kind while I was still sorting out my soggy stuff to dry.

Thank goodness the Melbourne rains hadn’t started — yet!

PS this is written on her Mac desktop while she’s out at the library soaking up her day’s reading.


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