Co-incidence or is there a pattern?

Something happened within the space of one week at three lunches with three different parties made me wonder whether it was sheer co-incidence or there was a pattern to those incidents.

The first “event” occurred at our regular group lunch at the American Club on Nov 6. There was something of a celebratory nature to it. A roast suckling pig and two bottles of top Australian wine made us all quite merry.

Convivial and full of gastronomic anticipation. Then TTH while helpfully helping to turn the lazy susan to let all have a better bite of the suckling pig knocked over my cup of Chinese tea. Thank goodness the tea marked just the table cloth but none overflowed onto my clothes, TTH’s or BN’s.

A few days later while I was reciprocating A’s meal with a treat at the rude and bochap Sophie’s — we love her food especially her shoba salad and so swallow our annoyance every time — A knocked over her water in a light-weight plastic cup which was perhaps asking to be knocked over.

Again, while the water spread all over the table, no damage was done to our clothes.

There was something eerily familiar when AC who was giving me a treat the next day at Itacho, the Hongkong sushi place at ION, spilled her bowl of miso soup. 

This time there was some damage — to the trousers of an unknown gentleman (part of a couple) sitting next to her. (We were at the sushi counter because there was no table available and we were both hungry).

Although AC apologised profusely and the gentleman looked suitably gracious, not so his lady companion who looked daggers at both of us — as if we had engineered that accident!

Sake at Itacho sushi bar

What am I to make of these three liquid spills? Into our lives some liquid must fall, so long as the damage isn’t too much or not at all?

Or perhaps a better explanation may be this: the events are just random in this boundless universe, signifying nothing! <:)

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