Once more with feeling

How time flies! It seems like only yesterday that I had posted this in this blog as part of an omnibus of the various dishes I ate while eating out:

Nov 13 being the death anniversary of a good friend, one of the dearly departed’s good friends has been holding a lunch in dearly departed’s memory ever since 2006 –one year after dearly departed, departed. As usual, it was at dearly departed’s favourite eating place when dearly departed was around and made a point of having its food on a daily basis.

So there we were, people who used to eat regularly with dearly departed, gathered at Princess Terrace (also at King’s Hotel) to eat once more with feeling the Penang Nyonya food buffet that the restaurant has become famous for in the past 20 years or so.

My fravourite dishes at Princess Terrace are always the satay, nasi ulam, otak and dry mee siam neat (ie without any garnishings, unlike T-Shake Hut, now renamed Uncle’s Kitchen). Followed by the kueh kueh to die for, a sort of peranakan petite fours.”

I checked the post after going to this year’s gathering — again at Princess Terrace, but for dinner for a change.

It was with a shock that I discovered that the picture I took of the main part of my meal this year looked exactly like that of the food on my plate last year. This says how unchanging, how constant, my food tastes are!

What I ate this year

Above is the picture taken this year. Now compare this  with the picture taken at last year’s meal and you would see what I mean.

Thanks to TC for also being so unwavering – in remembering dearly departed’s memory. Apologies when I sometimes forget the date, even though not for long!

2 thoughts on “Once more with feeling

  1. Exactly, Blur! In fact I also had a piece of vinegar pork this year but had eaten it be4 I remembered to snap a pix or two to commemorate! Guess I’m like a homing pigeon where food’s concerned.

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