Over-charged 39X @ Fairprice

I had a bit of a shock when I heard the cashier announce my total bill at Fairprice @ HDB Hub today, Nov 3.

Yes, my trolley was full to the brim but I had bought no expensive meat or wine; mainly veggies, instant noodles, a few low priced cans of fish and peanuts, four packets of biscuits, and some bags of 3-in-1 beverages, with the two bags of Ovaltine being the most costly at $4.80 a bag.  My fortnightly gifts to some oldies at Bendemeer Road.

Nothing that could justify a $93.05 bill!

Still I paid up and then parked my trolley to check.

My eyes almost popped out when i saw that I had been charged $30.47 for a packet of 3 carrots. For heavens sake, they were plain carrots; not organic or carats!

Went back immediately to the cashier to protest the incorrect charge. She was nonchalant and said that the scanner must have made a mistake.

I don’t know about scanner but this is what the price code on the packet of carrots showed and the item and amount boxed in pink were what was captured in the bill (below).



I got my refund but had I been less vigilant I could in one fell swoop have lost all my rebates and dividends from shopping one year at Fairprice.

I shudder to imagine if I were just a little illiterate old lady living on the margins having my public assistance wiped out by one scanner mistake and I won’t have been any wiser.

My experience should be an alert to all who shop at Fairprice to double-check their bills. If it happened to me, it could happen to you or your maids whom you send to shop on your behalf.


6 thoughts on “Over-charged 39X @ Fairprice

  1. Heh I am a little more paranoid. I always watch the LED screen to ensure that each scanned price looks legit.

  2. Wah, I usually don’t check the bill especially if it is a long one. With bags to lug, it can be quite a challenge to go through them all. Next time I really should check!

  3. Hi Pei: I’m afraid tt my eyes arent’t as quick as the LED screen and also, I’m not good at watching the screen while unloading the cart and then reloading it after the purchases have been scanned. I try to remember the prices in order to check the receipt after payment. Even then, I’m not sure I always catch everything. But what happened yesterday was too glaring — and painful, for my wallet — an error to miss!

  4. Hi Blur! I always try to check my receipts and have in the past caught smallish errors at Cold Storage, Watsons, Guardian etc.. and have written abt them in past posts in this blog. But this one at Fairprice really takes the cake. Moral is: few errors in scanners don’t mean no errors (like our “Low Crime doesn’t mean NO Crime” slogan fm the police). So always check, check, and check yr receipts again!

  5. Wow-thanks for the warning. A similar incident happened to my helper at Carrefours. She was charged $15 for a tin of tomatoes-.- and since she had about 10 tins her money ran out! In the U.S. a store would try to make some amends i.e. give the incorrectly scanned item free for example (this has happened to me) but at Carrefours we would have been lucky to get a smile, much less an apology! 🙂

  6. Hi Aparna: Great 2 see you here. Yr helper’s dilemma must have been distressing too. Hope she managed to secure refund at least! No I didn’t get an apology at Fairprice either. The cashier was nonchalant while the customers behind me looked at me like I was a trouble maker. At Cold Storage, on a couple of occasions, I was given a similar item to tt over/wrongly charged, but it wasn’t uniform. No wonder the survey on service in S’pore says it generally sucks! 😀

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