Tin Hill Bistro Winebar closed down?

Or merely relocating or refurbishing?

I ask this because yesterday, when I turned into Sixth Avenue from the Bukit Timah Road end, I was surprised, shocked, to see the corner of a stretch of shophouses that was occupied by the bistro as bare as Mother Hubbard’s cupboard.

I tried calling the bistro number — 64633811 — and was answered by a Singtel recorded message to say that it was temporarily unavailiable!

Then I checked Hungrygowhere and found there was the bald word “CLOSED” atop the 18 reviews done on the bistro, with the last one sooooooo negative that even if it wasn’t closing, it would probably have no choice but to close.

Or, if it wasn’t closing down, then Tin Hill’s owners could have threatened Hungrygowhere and the reviewer with legal action, just as Obolo did over Kaelyn Ong’s sincere but not overly flattering review.

Fact is, I had my premonition regarding Tin Hill from the first time I stepped into the place in September 2008. While the first impression was very good, I worried how it was going to sustain itself, with only two tables and four diners the first time I was there.

Also, a question mark hung over the untrained service staff, even if the owner was all toothy smile and helpfulness.

I liked it well enough to return a second time within a few days but then was thoroughly put off by the offhand manner of the owner, to sincere queries.  Perhaps she had already tired of the venture.

My impressions were recorded in these posts: 



I guess the moral of Singapore’s highly competitive food and beverage scene is that it isn’t enough to be hip and happening. If you want to keep the customers coming, you must work hard at pleasing their stomachs and self-esteem!


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