Little ironies

It was thru a website aggregator,, that I discovered a blog called Singapore Recalcitrant, which claims to be run by an 82-year-old Singaporean.

It’s a rare fine for how many 80+ year old Singaporeans are blog writers, even if they are proponents of active ageing?

But that’s not the biggest surprise. Rather, the blog gives the writer’s name in full and that is Yoong Siew Wah. Might not ring a bell with all and sundry but a quick google yielded me the following information posted on the Singapore Police Force’s website.

The Laju Incident

On 31st January 1974, a team of four terrorists comprising two Japanese Red Army (JRA) members and two Popular Front For The Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) members made a futile attempt to explode three oil tanks containing 5000 tonnes of crude oil each in the Shell refinery in Pulau Bukom. The aim of the JRA was to overthrow the Japanese “imperialist” government while the PFLP wanted to retaliate the “imperialist countries that were oppressing the Arab masses”.

 In their bid to escape, they hijacked a passenger ferry named Laju and took the Singaporean crew members on board hostage. After six days of intense negotiations, the terrorists agreed to release the hostages in exchange for free passage to Kuwait with a party of guarantors which included Mr S R Nathan, the director of MINDEF’s Security and Intelligence Dept, Mr Yoong Siew Wah, the director of Internal Security Dept and Supt Tee Tua Ba, OC Marine.

On 8th February 1974, the four terrorists boarded the plane for Kuwait, together with the party of guarantors, thus ending the hijack incident.

After a review of the incident, it was decided that security at various vital installations had to be intensified and SPF was given this task.”

The first name is a familiar name in Singapore. Mr S R Nathan is Singapore’s President, serving his second and last term.

The other name, Mr Yoong Siew Wah, has faded from the memory of most. Till “he” suddenly burst into blogosphere last year, and stepped up his commentary and revelations this year:

Is it the real Mr Yoong?

Who knows?

One thing’s for sure. If you can’t make it to the Istana, you can always make it to the Internet, whether as yourself or as an imposter.

But is Singapore Recalcitrant really the Mr Yoong?

We’ll see.


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