Reason for MIA

While I’m not as regular and prolific with my posts as Blur Ting, I do conscientiously try to write something at least once a week.

Regrettably I’ve not been in the mood to write anything since the last post about LW’s throw-2gether yet delicious dish using simple and inexpensive ingredients.

Reason? A business partnership with a person I assumed to be a friend that fell to pieces and which one friend (who heard only my side of the story of course) described as a mini-Mark Zuckerberg moment!

He exaggerates of cos; or I was extremely good at painting myself in a good light. But whatever the wrongs and the rights of the “event”, I found myself bogged down with trying to install (yes, only at the installation stage — so 4get abt trying to customise) Joomla, not once but two, three, four and then five times.

Only the first download worked — partially. Thereafter, it was a nightmare of downloading, unzipping, installing and then, madly, crazily trying to uninstall because the program folders refused to go into the Recycle bin, for crying out loud; when that wasn’t what we were told  would happen by the Joomla specialists.

And why did I bother to delete? Because I wasn’t sure my computer would take more and more copies of Joomla without driving the CPU into an even bigger confusion than my poor brain had been!

Anyway, this isn’t about the difficulties of getting on the road with Joomla as the sheer refusal by someone (my supposed friend) to lend a hand other than sending me pdf files and instructions that I could easily have googled and got (which I did, be4 this person took pity on me and sent me some breadcrumbs!)

Be that as it may. And what better way of writing Amen to all that than to quote from a blog written by a friend’s 24-year-old kid about what she thinks of friendship. Out of the mouths of babes!

XD wrote:  right now if u asked a 24yr old me what friendship means… truth to be told, VERY little…

no its not that i dun TREASURE my friends, but friendship has taken a different outlook i guess… along of line of having gone thru countless end of friendship and seeing the world… its different

i wore my heart on my sleeve last time, but now i think my heart is like frozen in a block of ice… it beats normally, but there;s added security and PREVENTIVE measures in place… [sounds like post MS escape speech lol]

but realli… friends were the world to me last time… now its like yes they are important STILL but once broken i wun bother fixing [tired it once b4… didn;t work out at all]

to me if there was girl A who was an acquaintance then we slowly became friends then one fine day she backstabed me….

when i was 14 i would have forgiven her and tried to fix it, and FAILED… now @ 24 i would have told her ‘thanks for the memories and goodbye’ and of course hate/dislike her….. and just treat her like what we were in the begining Acquaintance…

i see no point fixing something that is already broken, mainly logically, even if u fix it, who says she wun backstabbed u again?

maybe i also learnt that trust is earned not given and that friendship is not going to be forever…


2 thoughts on “Reason for MIA

  1. Haha, after getting that off my chest, I feel a lot better n can even be charitable abt what happened. Possibly, this “friend” wanted me to stay on the road of continuous learning, just like the Govt says! But guess I wasn’t in the mood to learn n wanted short cuts! 8)

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