Cheap & good eat: fast to fix

LW is full of ideas for making great meals and consequently is often sought for her recipes. She doesn’t write them down, giving pointers whenever she’s asked.

Perhaps that’s the way to go for which cook, good or bad, follows recipes slavishly anyway, given the mnany things that can’t always be replicated — ingredients, size of kitchen, adequacy of cooking utensils and last but not least, the very personalised skills of the cook.

Indeed, when even the orginal cook can’t always produce identical dishes at the same sitting, let alone at different sittings, why should we expect copy-cat cooks to be able to make an exact replica, even if they are determined to?

Thus I think LW’s way is the best way: she provides the template and copy cats customise, whether by design or accident.

Today, I share a recipe for a dish — cheap and fast to make, good to eat — which LW gave me when we were chin-wagging at the club at the week-end over some finger food.

Ingredients: silken tofu (about 90 cents to $1); ginger, spring onion, Chinese parsley (optional) and chilli all finely sliced (30 to 50 cents); one table spoon of oyster sauce, one table spoon of hot water and one teaspoon of sesame oil (20 cents?).

Remove the tofu from its box and put on plate. Optional to leave whole or cut into oblong wedges. Put finely sliced garnishings on tofu. Mix the oyster sauce, hot water and sesame oil and pour over garnishings. Serve! Oishi!

smooth & tasty

smooth & tasty

Even Siti was able to produce the dish with only one briefing and we are having it again tomorrow nite for dinner and Saturday when Daffy comes for lunch.


6 thoughts on “Cheap & good eat: fast to fix

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  2. I used to do it with century eggs but found it such a chore to locate those with gooey yolks. Also, not very healthy…I’ve emled frens re this recipe n since u r on mailing list, u’d be alerted too. Pse ignore! 8)

  3. My grandmother used to have this vegetarian dish on the lst and 15th of the Lunar Month. However, instead of oyster sauce, she used good quality dark soya sauce and sesame oil with thinly sliced ginger and spring onions as toppings. I still make this simple dish if I want to have a light meal with rice. The tofu is eaten cold, preferably straight from the fridge.

  4. Hei Lucy, u are so clever. I only gave the ingredients but you assembled them to make the dish. Wow.. and the chicken floss or chopped anchovies is a good addition too. Also, we can add freshly fried shallots for more bite.. enjoy..

  5. Shirley: u, BT n Linda (online), Kou Li, Janet etc etc (offline) have all given me different ways to customise the silken tofu into a most dish. Thanks.. will bear all in mind: the better, healthier, simpler recipes!

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