Good eats @ better prices

Looking over my recent posts, it looked as if I didn’t do much eating out — or in. Which isn’t the case, of cos!

I shall keep what I ate recently short, sweet and to point.

First, Siti’s experiment with food guru Sylvia Tan’s kedgeree recipe which appeared a few weeks ago in Mind Your Body. Two versions — the first was for home consumption and the second, for visiting guests. We used the Ayam brand tuna with chilli rather than plain tuna. Very yummy! And of cos, cheap, cheap, apart from Siti’s labour which is paid for any way.

1st attempt

1st attempt

for guests

for guests

I also revisited Hot Tomato at the basement of Plaza Singapura, a cheap n good place first introduced to me many moons ago NH, who tho in a wheel-chair now, still manages to suss out some of the best eating places in Singapore!
Had their salmon set (below) which at $9.90 was a steal because its mango salsa was made from fresh mango, not any old canned mango.

 hot salmon


Add $1.50 and one got a robust cup of tomato soup, a slice of garlic bread and coffee. I went a bit wild and had a glass of wine which at $6.50 wasn’t any more over-priced than what they charge at social clubs — and I don’t have to pay hefty club dues at Hot Tomato.

The only drawback as I mentioned to Sparklette is that when one wanted water, one would be served only mineral water and at a price! That’s the reason I decided on having wine instead.

Another good eat I had — this time all by myself — was at Ichiban Sushi — at Toa Payoh’s HDB Hub where I had gone to check out the Kipling and Le Sportsac look-alikes being sold in the open square between the hub and the old HDB shops. (I’m mad abt such handbags, along with Naraya coin purselets).

But besides finding the bags, I also found that in one cluster were the 3 banks I use: DBS, OCBC and UOB; Fairprice is also there and lastly, I found my fav Jap restaurant. Ichiban!! Oishi, especially as I had a couple of freebies on my Ichiban card calling out to be redeemed.

yummy n free

yummy n free - almost!

I had their dumplings and a California handroll, both free, the latter being substitute for the higher priced dish of spicy octopus –which I hate with a vengeance. I bought myself a plain rice, soup, ocha and fruit set as well (under $6, I think) and had a grand time, crowd watching to understand the constant flow of middle-class looking diners, coming in ones and twos, even tho it was long past lunch time.

Surely all can’t be like me, working on and off and according to my own rhythm and routine? If  so, then we Singaporeans are a lucky lot!

Another good eat I ate was at Tangs at its most recent 12% for members only sale: well not inside the departmental store but at the food hall  facing the underpasses from Orchard MRT and Shaw Centre.

The popiah was good full of goodies and tasted good too, but at $3 and a long wait it had better be. But it looked terrible mess, so didn’t make a good picture. Instead, what set my gastric juices working overtime (apart fm the fact that all that shopping had stopped me from feeling hungry till way past makan time) were the plates of ingredients used to assemble the popiah. I’ll let the pictures do the talking!











Another occasion for eat and grab was when I ate with the T-sisters, one of whom bought lunch.

We ended up at Itacho Sushi at ION Orchard because T-2, the hostess, thought it was good value for money — for Japanese food.

Well, I tried the chirashi don set which on the menu went for $9.90 (don’t know if this is be4 or after GST, service whatever, since I wasn’t allowed to see the bill).

not bad value

not bad value

Well, I’ve eaten better buying takeaway from Ichiban Boshi at Great World City, but where I got value (ie I also paid $9.90)  in the food (eg prawn roe at Itacho vs salmon roe from Ichiban takeway), at Itacho, I also got to sit down, eat picked ginger, drink miso soup as well as green tea! Used their utensils, had food brought to the table and chatted with friends.

So on balance Itacho is value for $.


4 thoughts on “Good eats @ better prices

  1. To the blogger,

    Hi, I’m Felicia from Zhao Wei Films. I would like to invite you for a private screening of “Darah” the movie on Thursday, 17 Sept 2009. could you kindly contact me for more details at +65 6735 7053 or email me at

  2. Thanks fr invite Felicia. As I told u on fone, timing no good and in any case, I can’t stand horror films… the last I saw, Freddie Kruger I think, still gives me nitemares! after all these yrs..

  3. Linda my fren, u can share any freebies I get any time — tho yr own busy sked will probably not allow u to accept all my offers, 😉

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