Malays’ privilege

This shouldn’t be taken as a racist account. Rather it’s just a statement of fact.

On Thursday, got an SMS from dear ole LH demanding whether I still wanted a copy of Men in White — the tome about the history of the PAP produced by SPH after investing thousands of senior journalist man hours? After a few exchanged SMSes, headed to SPH HQ to pick up my freebie from her.

This is a preamble as to why I landed at Bishan HDB to conduct my banking business instead of Toa Payoh HDB as i had originally intended. Because exiting from the SPH complex, I found Bishan was nearer than HDB Hub.

After I finished my pay-in and withdrawals at OCBC, I went to UOB to do the same and also to ask for $200 to be changed into new $2 notes.

The teller was apologetic.

“We can only give new notes to Malays,” she said.

“Hah?” Then it twigged. Of cos, with Hari Raya Puasa around the corner, Malay Singaporeans want their new notes, just like we, Chinese Singaporeans, want them for the Chinese New Year.

Now, who says there isn’t positive and seasonal discrimination in Singapore? 8)


4 thoughts on “Malays’ privilege

  1. Tks for the heads up but which Cold Store? Looked again last week at GWC but nothing there! Got Bob’s Red Mill all sorts of stuff but no steel cut oats.

  2. Thks Blur but Siglap Centre is quite far fm where I live.. I checked out CS at Novena Sq 2day n no luck either. So, have to hit ION again when steel cut runs out!

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