Compliment and insult in equal measure?

I don’t know whether to feel complimented or insulted to be asked by a waiter at a restaurant where the family eats quite often:

“You mean she’s your mother? I thought she was your sister!”

Well yes, it’s been said be4 but by close friends or family members when they were in the mood to put me in my place. And I took it as such: a deliberate insult, not a suggestion of fact.

But when a waiter who has served us on and off said that, i began to wonder.

OK, he wasn’t too pleased with me with the specific instruction to clear the table but to leave my mother’s half finished glass of wine. (Mum and Daffy had trotted off to the ladies, leaving me to hold the fort). That’s when he made the faux pas (faux pas in my view, not necessarily his!)

But he doesn’t look the sort who would deliberately insult. Still, looks could deceive.

While I feel happy that my mother received a compliment in absentia, it also made me think it might be time I went to bed earlier. And perhaps start dye-ing my hair!

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