I’m a real spoil sport..

so here’s the answer (at the bottom of this post), Henry, for the puzzle you sent me…

H, a dear n ole fren, sent a spreadsheet which is password protected with the following instruction:

“This is a mathematical challenge, and it’s been said that:

If you’re an engineer, you should be able to solve it in (under) three minutes,
If you’re an architect, in three hours;
If you’re a doctor, in six hours;
If you’re an accountant, in three months and
If you’re a lawyer, probably never.

What is the missing number in this logical series?
1, 2, 6, 42, 1806, ____???

The answer is the password to open the spreadsheet that is attached to this email. If you figure it out, open the spreadsheet, type your name in, save it and resend it to your friends.”

I’m not even an engineer but it took me just a couple of glances to decide that to get the password I simply multiply the last set of numbers ie 1806 — by 1807, which gives  3263442.

Using that number, I opened the spreadsheet which ain’t any big deal: just a list of names (more than 400) of those who got the answer.

I’m sharing the solution here so that should you receive the “puzzle” or something similar, you needn’t strain your brain cells! It’s staring you in your face simple!


2 thoughts on “I’m a real spoil sport..

  1. you are a real spoil sport but luckily i had enough restraint not to read beyond the box before i got the answer – in about 2 mins.

    engineers? eat this ;P

  2. Besides spoil sport, I’m a show-off too but as yr easy grasp of the answer shows, what I did wasn’t anything worth showing off abt, boo-hoo 😉
    bet 2day’s play school kids won’t have much difficulty either. Sigh!

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