I spied with my little eye

a well-known plastic surgeon at the Singapore Cricket Club’s Oval Restaurant on Saturday, Aug 29, having lunch with an elderly man and woman.

Perhaps his grandparents, as I’ve met his mother a couple of times and the elderly woman didn’t look anything like the person I met.

I took in everything that happened over at his table. Although there were only 3 of them, they sat at a table set for 6. Perhaps lunch time was almost over and the club didn’t mind people spreading themselves out. Perhaps he was expecting more guests? But then, he and the two elderly folks had already been served their one-dish meals.

As such possibilities ran through my mind briefly, I observed our famous surgeon carefully removing every piece of squid or sotong from his plate of Hokein mee. Afraid of high cholesterol, obviously.

One more idle thought crossed my mind as I watched: why do so many people, women particularly, put themselves in his hands to improve their looks?

This doctor is no oil painting himself. His skin is fair to almost pasty, not the standard idea of a hunk. His glasses are thick; his hair is scanty; because of their color and cut, his clothes — while expensive looking — made him look most uncle-like!

I guess there’s no accounting for taste — his patients’ — and luck — his!


6 thoughts on “I spied with my little eye

  1. Haha, I can guess whoooo! 🙂 I wonder if they sub-consciously transform their patients into their own look-alikes? I remember engaging a make-up artist for my engagement eons ago. Her own make-up was really getai and I ended up looking just like her that day. Oh, hideous!!

  2. Blur, I don’t know y I can’t reply to yr comment in the normal way. Anyway, spot-on! If the doc in question does remake his patients in his own image, then I think they shld get their money back! I certainly won’t pay money to look like him, teehee and not even if he pays me 😉

    A make-up artiste for yr engagement! My goodness, u must be quite a Tatler girl!!

  3. This is why cosmetic surgeons have to look impeccable themselves.

    Then again, it could be that, aesthetics aside, his skills are second to none?

    Same reason why fashion designers like Armani always wear conservative black, but his creations totally speak for themselves.

    Just a thought…

  4. Welcome back Areya! This particular doc is known to be very skilled n also v rich. So less well-off patients perhaps may think it’s a treat to b treated by him… frankly, there are better looking docs in the same line in S’pore, men n women…don’t know y this particular one is always in the news, so tt he’s instantly recognisable when he’s out at a public place!

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