National Day lunch….



at home, again for another year. Indeed, don’t remember doing anything spectacular ever on this day. Certainly never been to a parade, not even tried to go. Because the thought of the crowds and the constraint of movement for several hours is a severe disincentive. Have watched most of the telecasts, tho.

Morever, when I was working full-time, ND could have been a day at work, because where I worked, they didn’t have such a thing as week-days, week-ends or public holidays. We were rostered and tough luck if you got the week-end or a public holiday.

a toast to Singapore
a toast to Singapore

Anyway, this year’s ho-hum ND lunch was spiced up by cousin P’s Cloudy Bay, the 2nd half of his present made to mum when he was here in June. And here’s nephew H acting the sommelier. 

When P heard that the bottle was split among five adults, he quickly emled to chide good naturedly.

“Aiyoh, one miserly bottle amongst the lot of you where got enough! Did Aunty have a taste? It was meant for her! Ha ha.”

Well, she did dear coz, she did. We all like our Sauvignon Blanc but only just enough to wet our gullet.

P, who has been in the UK for 37 of his 60 years, added that he “did the Pledge at precisely 8.22 in front of my PC. and cried buckets when I sang the National Anthem. In fact, still quite tearful now!”

It suddenly made me glad that I’m at home in Singapore and not, like the Biblical Ruth, standing in tears “amidst the alien corn” — whether it’s National Day or not.

Singaporeans who can’t forget Singapore even tho they have lived more than half their lives away should come home, even if it isn’t as perfect as they would like their place of birth to be!


6 thoughts on “National Day lunch….

  1. Lovely pic. Glad you guys enjoyed the little tipple. Plenty where it comes from and will make good on my next visit in September.
    Once a Singaporean always a Singaporean no matter where you are or how long you have been away from home. The kindred spirit remains, the heart strings get tugged, esprit de corp(?) stuff.
    Making plans to come back for next year’s NDP! Can get tickets or not??
    Regards and a Happy National Day to all my fellow Singaporeans.
    PS. You can call me Ruth from now on! Ha ha.

  2. Pete or shld I say “Ruth”, u r so very funny!! U make me chuckle every time. When u come back next mth, pse bring nothing but yrslf and yr quirky ways. Too many pressies spoil us… u continue to fly the S’pore flag high, wherever u r, u hear, even in S’pore!

    As for NDP tickets, you shld contact Reach or the S’pore HC in UK, I think…I’m not a grassroots person n have no interest in the physical highs of being in a crowd, unless I get a VIP seat 😉 but that’s not on the cards; for those who don’t contribute a lot, y shld I get a VIP seat. That’s the logic of meritocracy. And I accept it.

  3. Like you, I avoid crowded places but I must say that one year, my friend dragged me to a NDP rehearsal and the mood was amazing. I was bursting with patriotism and had goosebumps at certain points, especially the fireworks segment.

  4. I know what u mean abt goose bumps and a lump in the throat. It often happens when one is in a crowd immersed in the same atmosphere. But I’ve come to suspect that such bodily reactions are likely the result of mass hysteria and while great for one’s emotional release may not be wholly reliable as a gauge of one’s true feelings. Probably the sceptic in me speaking 😉

  5. Must always bring something for Aunty come what may. Will always fly the flag, so no worries there.Why do you think I keep bringing people to Spore each time? To show them proudly what we have achieve through good governance and a corrupt free Govt where everyone has an equal chance to compete base on meritocracy.
    On that score, I will be bringing an entourage of 7 Brits to Spore for the F1.We will staying for a week before we fly off to Oz. My group returns to UK on the 10th Oct and I have another week with you guys thereafter.
    I am indeed a quirky sort of person. Life too short for anything else and my motto is always, Laughter is the best medicine,so long may it last! Ha ha.
    I get goose bumps every time I see anything about Spore on the telly and whenever their feature Spore on a holiday programme, I would record it,invite my Brits friends over at the weekend,replicate the food they feature or cheat by buying loads of take away from a Singaporean restaurant,fly the flag and get them to come out with me on my next trip to see for themselves what our wonderful Singapore is all about!! Hip hip hooray indeed for Singapore.
    See you in Sept/Oct coz.

  6. Thanks dear coz! Of cos u fly the flag; with heart-on-the-sleeve “critics” like u, S’pore can actually count its critics as No 1 fans too! Cya soon!

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