Bad behaviour or sabotage?

I was so mad yesterday morning. I was looking forward to trying a different non-dairy drink with my coffee from my usual Oatlys or one of the Pacific Natural’s concoctions.

Then, to my horror when I twisted open the small cover, I found that someone had already punched through the seal and what I had in hand was a badly contaminated packet of organic rice milk!

My disappointment over not being able to try the rice milk with my coffee was secondary. Primary on my mind was to name and shame the brand and the supermarket in this blog.

Then it struck me — I don’t know which supermarket I got it from, as I don’t have a fixed one from which I buy my groceries. I’m just an opportunistic shopper.

It struck me further that it wasn’t so much the brand that’s the problem but the behaviour of someone.

Someone, some time in the past month in some supermarket that I patronised had for whatever reason twisted open the cap on the packet of organic rice milk, punched thru the seal and then put it back on the shelves for an unsuspecting customer like me to buy.

If I had used the packet immediately, I would have discovered what happened, altho I doubt I would have taken the trouble to go back to the supermarket to kick up a fuss. But it would have made me doubly the next time I shop there.

As it is, now I don’t know when or where I bought that tampered with packet.

What else can I do but be wary whenever shopping for such relatively expensive non-dairy milk; perhaps make a mark on every packet I buy so that if anything untoward is found later, I would at least know the retail source. Also, perhaps i should stop this stocking up as if I’ll never find another packet of non-dairy milk again.

Lastly, I continue to ponder whether it was just a badly behaved shopper or someone out to sabotage the supermarket or the brand of the rice milk I bought!!


3 thoughts on “Bad behaviour or sabotage?

  1. I suspect someone could have broken the seal to smell or (gasp!) even taste the rice milk. I’m quite appalled by the behavoir of some people at the supermarket. The way they poke at or mishandle the soft fruits or help themselves freely to the grapes or lychees can be such a turn-off.

  2. U r probably right in that the person wanted to smell the stuff. Don’t think they tried to taste it, as the whole packet lked perfectly OK, with no spilled marks etc.. like u say, the behaviour of some pple in supermts is quite off-putting n it’s across the board too, ie all races and ages, and not necessarily S’porean. Perhaps this is becos the staff don’t take ownership. Try doing some of the things that’s done in supermts at a wet mkt stall and u know wot wld happen to the culprit! 😉

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