Another cheap thrill — this time @ GOTO

We were again at GOTO at Ann Siang Hill on Saturday nite (July 11). But be4 I extoll the oishi-ness (or otherwise) of our repeat experience in a future post, let me share the cheap thrill which the six of us got when we were about 80% thru our dinner.

The non-descript old man with scanty greyish hair and blue short sleeve shirt whom I had caught out of the corner of my eye sitting at the innermost table in the restaurant — when he emerged from the relative gloom of the inner room to the brightness of where we were sitting to leave GOTO turned out to be …

Drum rolls! Lights! Camera!

… I exaggerate of cos…

He’s just a property businessman who also has finance and hotel interests. With small change for a couple of $billion; mayb more; who’s counting…

He is none other than the man who was so bullish on the Singapore property market be4 our country sank into its worst recession since independence. But he was early in his prediction, rather than plain wrong… look what’s happening in the property market now…

Ok, I tease no more..

The elderly man with a middle-aged companion was none other than Kwek Leng Beng, the chairman of City Developments, Hong Leong Finance and Millennium & Copthorne Hotels.

However it was only after he was out of the door that all of us realised who it was, so much noisy merry-making had enveloped us — and this despite the fact that one of us at the table had worked in one of his companies for many years while another two have had a couple of meals with him — in the course of work, of cos!


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