New Naraya coin purselets in hand

Oh! aren’t they cute? and the things I’ve got to do to nudge, more like push, Her Majesty aka SM to buy them for me… when she was in Bangkok with her fam-fam, three princesses n His Majesty last week!

Naraya catch

Naraya catch

I’m not buying these for myself but as handy little presents for friends so that they won’t feel overwhelmed or obligated. Also, they make great hongbao skins…

The good thing abt the latest cache is that SM did accept reimbursement for the purchase, unlike C who earlier bought another lot for me (which has since been exhausted, as has the lot I bought myself in Macau in February).

C has this habit of declining reimbursements for anything which means she is super generous or she’s just saying “please don’t ask me to do it again”.

I wonder what visitors would make of this?


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