3rd time lucky

Sometime ago, on March 16 to be exact, I wrote how I went to Uncle’s Kitchen (the re-incarnation of Tea Shake Hut) to eat its nasi lemak again —  after eating it only for the first time earlier in March, this despite dining at this eatery regularly since it began operation.

Only to get heartburn on my return nasi lemak visit to discover that the dish was sold only on Thursdays and Fridays.

So, I vowed I would head there on Mar 20 (a Friday) to make up for being thwarted. Well, you could have blown me down with a feather when i went there as planned only to be told that the nasi lemak was sold out.

How could that be? Isn’t it lunch time? Also, the dry mee siam (another signature and fav dish) tho not sold out, wasn’t available either, as they had also run out of the honey glazed mid chik wings that are part of the dish.

I would have thrown a little tantrum there and then if not for the fact I was hosting a few old friends whose tardiness I concluded could have caused me to end up with no nasi lemak.

We were supposed to be there around 12.30 to 12.45pm but these friends live by an elastic time-table. Altho I had got there at 12.45pm, no one was in sight and it took many SMS and mobile calls be4 the lost sheep were finally gathered and when we sat down, mostly talking at cross purposes, it was close to 1.30pm.

So, given the popularity, no wonder there was no nasi lemak, no dry mee siam and we all had to settle for whatever was available.

Hence, I was more determined than ever to have another try but one way or another didn’t make it back till mid May when with mum and Picky S in tow we were at Uncle’s bright and early one Friday.

Yes, it was 3rd time lucky and mum and Picky became instant fans as well as the following pix demonstrate. Needless to say, after that we’ve been making a bee-line whenever we can on a Thursday or Friday to get our nasi lemak fix! And we make sure we get there be4 12.30pm!

mum attacks!

mum attacks!

empty plates, full satisfaction

empty plates, full satisfaction


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