Mother’s Day Lunch @ home

ready for the table

ready for the table

Yup, am only now posting about the Mother’s Day lunch I held at home about one month after the event. Just as well that I’m not running a news blog, hehe!

But better late than never.

My immediate family had stopped going out for Mother’s Day celebrations since the time when Mayflower was a flourishing Chinese Restaurant in International Building, next to Shaw Centre. 

This shows just how long ago it is since we’ve participated in the annual highly commercialised gig that passes for Mother’s Day. However, it doesn’t mean mum is forgotten. Never. We always try to make that day a bit special, but at home.

We forswore outside celebrations thanks to that unforgettable Mayflower experience where our family was crowded into a corner, encouraged to take set menu rather than a la carte and so raucous the ambience, so poor the service, that we ended up not enjoying ourselves. And that’s putting it mildly.

Yet how could it have been otherwise? Whenever people go for something special on a special occasion,  it invariably means they won’t be going to familiar territory where both they and the service staff have built up rapport.

The result is masses of families going to restaurants they have never set foot in be4; and served by people who don’t know them from a bar of soap, let alone their taste or pet food hates.

It’s a certain recipe for disaster, especially when restaurants to cater to the coerced masses take on more than they can normally chew…

U get the picture? So after the Mayflower experience, my immediate family marks Mother’s Day by eating at home, with some special dishes if we are up to it and order takeaway to supplement. Or if we are really lazy in a particular year, then it will be a meal comprising mostly takeaway dishes, and a veggie dish and/or soup as supplement.

The Mother Day just past saw us being a bit ambitious: we had home cooked panfried salmon (above) and baby omelettes (below) of individual portions done by Siti who is very nifty with Indonesian dishes. Supporting this was the clutch of purchases I got from Ichiban described in the previous post.

siti's tribute

siti's tribute

There was our usual mixed vegetables steamed in my AMC pot (which carries the name of $200 pot because that’s what mum bought it for decades ago). And fruit salad. And not forgetting our usual bottle of Sauvignon Blanc which everybody loves.

And another good Mother’s Day was had by one and all. KP and Swee took mum and Siti out on May 23 at their church gathering to honour parents while I went off to CK’s for our annual birthday bash.


3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Lunch @ home

  1. Those omelettes are cute. Why didn’t I think of that before? I can never flip a big one nicely, so I should make little ones like this.

  2. Mini ones make very nice appetisers. But u can’t make them in big pans. I got a saucer size non-stick frying pan via a redemption of points at Tangs a couple of months ago. It’s a perfect fit for a sunny side up egg. Then Siti decided to use same pan to make mini omelettes!

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