Day I told someone to “stop it”

I never thought I would be bold enough to tell people who misbehave in public to “stop it” but I did just that on Mother’s Day (May 10).

I was at Great World City’s Ichiban Boshi to pick up some sushi, California hand rolls and a tub of Kaisen Arare Chirashi to supplement the dishes picky Siti was preparing for the family lunch. 

There were these two teenage (at least they looked like that to me) girls crowding out everyone else at where the sushi was available for self-selection in the cold open display unit, oblivious that there might be others wanting to select some sushi as well.

Even tho I stood there for mayb five minutes or more, they didn’t turn back, so engrossed were they in picking up one sushi after another, examining each and then putting it down, only to pick up another for scrutiny.  Much critique and chatter in between, sprinkled with giggles.

In those five minutes or so, they selected perhaps two or three sushi for the plastic box provided by Ichiban. I felt irritated by their selfishness. Besides acting as tho they were the only customers, what they were doing was very unhygienic. Especially in days of H1N1. Even tho the sushi was individually wrapped and neither sneezed over the food.

What emboldened me was that it was getting late and I needed to get home.

So I went closer to them and hissed just loud enough for them to hear: “Are you done?” Then looking pointedly at the pieces of sushi they were still fingering, i hissed again. “Stop that! Other pple have to eat that too!”

Thank goodness for cowardly me they weren’t the street-fighter type. They looked at me, dropped their eyes and the sushi they were holding and went off to the cashier to pay for the little they had selected. But they didn’t apologised.

Not that i expected them to!

I was prompted to complete this post that’s been sitting in draft form for almost a month after reading Roger Poh’s lament that Singapore isn’t a gracious society.

just for starters

just for starters

And also to record what I usually takeaway from Ichiban which used to have such a yummy restaurant manager but who left some some two to three years’ ago to join Mingles Cafe that eating there isn’t the same heart-stopping experience any more!

As to whether Singapore is a gracious society or not, I don’t know if one should use the label “Singapore” so glibly. With our country so over-run by foreigners, talented or otherwise, I’m never sure if the person who was rude to me or stepped on my feet rushing out of the MRT train is Singaporean or not!


12 thoughts on “Day I told someone to “stop it”

  1. A city with courtesy & smiling campaign… ouch something is wrong with the picture. You are not the only one annoyed with the younger generation!

  2. Amy! A year since I saw u! Was going to say how brave of u to go to the US with H1n1 and then decided, heck, it’s now everywhere, so wot’s the diff! Was going to go to KL with Peg tmr but pulled out last minute, as her trip is very short and I found it diff to try to fit in everything I want to do… as for courtesy, or lack of it, in S’pore, it’s not confined to the kids. It’s across the board, all skin color n in all settings too. Perhaps there r just 2 many of us in too small a place??

  3. Tks Roger Poh! Don’t intend to make it a habit tho as I never 4get a story I read some time ago (not sure if it was in local media or overseas) when the person ticked off turned violent and stabbed the accidental “counsellor”. But I have frens n family who are manners vigilante, so there are attempts to hold back the unruly unwashed mobs. 😉 Besides the various kindness n courtesy campaigns of cos!

  4. We should choose our battles, and be prepared for any adverse reaction. For me I get annoyed at our public libraries. Many times I have reminded the students, who are the main culprits, “Excuse me, this is a library” in a suitably menacing tone of voice.

    Compared to youths from neighboring countries ours are loud-mouthed, uncouth and ill-mannered in public places. When there’s a group of them, mayhem prevails.

    Only yesterday a group of six JC students in the MRT were engaged in tomfoolery much to the annoyance of the passengers. One day a mental case might just be provoked enough to commit manslaughter.

    Don’t take my word for it. Just observe when you next come across them.

    Yes, we must guard against it becoming a habit and learn to be more tolerant. But the young must learn some manners, mustn’t they?

  5. Hi Roger Poh! It’s not a ? of being tolerant or intolerant. Also bad manners aren’t confined to just one age group, alas. One runs into so many louts (yng, old, Asian, non-A etc) nowadays everywhere one goes that if one keeps on telling them off, there wld be no end to it and in the ensuing may draw bodily harm to oneself such as raising one’s BP and putting one into a bad mood at the very least. Not to say possibly getting beaten up too.

    Yes, i understand abt unselfish pple at libraries; they r also in cinemas, hospitals etc where quiet is supposed to rule. Sometimes when I’m feeling wicked, I’ll take out my mbile, ostensibly dial someone and declare at the top of my voice (in a library reading section): “all these pple talking so loudly, I can’t think” or “no place to sit becos all these pple take up all their seats with their bags and rubbish!” Most would stop whatever they r doing (even talking) and look. Then I walk out! 😉 😉 😉 LOL LOL

    Now u have a good week and some fun fighting back the great unwashed, eh!

  6. Well done! Sometimes they need people like you to teach them manners! My son comes home and complain about the rude people on the train everytime, so I can imagine what many people go through everyday.

  7. Hey, Blur, u r the 2nd person to say “well done”. I wish I didn’t have to rap the kids but I was running out of time. Usually at worst, I just give annoying strangers a slit-eyed look. But hard to do when their backs were to me and they were so engrossed. I also empathise with yr kid on the MRT. The times i travel, I usually say loudly in Mandarin, “let me pass, let me pass”. That does the trick — most times, not always — becos for all they know I cld be a Shaolin kf mistress wot? 🙂

  8. The same company that installed my air-conditioners refused to service them without my paying a transport deposit of $50.00 first, excluding the servicing. When I refused and wanted to complain to the manager, the service chap told me that he was the boss and threatened me with the word SXXX!

    A gracious society indeed. How do we deal with such business people? Complain to CASE?

  9. Hi LALim: Yrs is essentially abt service and the interaction between you and yr service provider. Not what my post was about. But since this is yr first visit I’ll allow it. I’ve also edited yr message to tone down one word. Have all sorts of language on yr own blog if u like but not on this. TQ!

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