Rage, rage against

the dying light? Nah, just want to rage against those food outlets which target just the young. Isn’t that also discriminating against age?

Yoshinoya, Pizza Hut, Breeks Cafe, Jack’s Place, Chicago Steakhouse and Say Cheeze are offering students food discounts, some as large as two-thirds of those paid by ordinary people.

Thank goodness therefore for us oldies but goldies that there are places like Kuishin Bo. It offers a slurpilicious Japanese buffet with a mind boggling spead at 10% discount for senior citizens.



OK, not a huge difference at $26 per senior c against $28.90 for a standard customer but a discount is a discount!

Today, five of us went for the buffet lunch at K’s Great World City outlet (where the former Kuriya restaurant was)– and ran riot amidst sashimi, seafood, sushi, tempura, teppanyaki, yakitori, mini paper steamboat and soba.

There were also some distinctly non-Japanese dishes such as HK kailan tossed in garlic, ginseng porridge and pumpkin soup. 

Moreover there were starters, desserts, soft drinks, coffee and tea.

We also indulged in cold sake as well as hot sake, which set us back $17++ for a total of 450ml worth of sake. As they charge just $10++ for corkage, our next visit will see us bringing our own wine, which makes the Kuishin Bo deal even better.

The whole bill came to about $185, for four “seniors” and one “regular adult”.


6 thoughts on “Rage, rage against

  1. Good to see seniors with the ability to indulge themselves. Yes, enjoy yourself before the light goes out.

  2. Hi AuntieL,

    You know what would really be useful? A site that publishes the food outlets offering senior citizen’s discounts. We already know of Kuishinbo….where else?

  3. Hi Giga: haha, why don’t u n I collate and set up a blog? Cld benefit all seniors and all those who have loved ones who are seniors…

  4. Thank you, Roger! Btw don’t be too hard on the Sri Lankans la! After 30 years of civil war, give them a break…

  5. Giga, I don’t eat out in restaurants that often either. One need not b a gourmet to be able to know when food is worth the money or not. But yes, do share with me yr finds and we’d take it fm there!

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