Woman who sued Novena priests?

One runs into the most unexpected people at Great World City. Two posts ago, I recorded that i ran into Nanyang Technological University’s president emeritius DR Cham Tao Soon and Sheila Eu (daughter of Eu Tong Sen) at the GWC food court on Monday.

Then on Friday when I went to GWC to load up on fish and meat for the week-end, guess who I saw as I headed for Cold Storage supermarket?

There she was sitting on the bench outside Veronica’s, the florist, facing Ichiban Boshi, the Japanese restaurant. I did a double take. Stared. Slowed my strides to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me.

My mind went back to the screeds that I had read about her over the years in the newspapers. Perhaps she would turn into a snake and hiss and slither. Perhaps it wasn’t her? I’d better not catch her eye…

I tried to dismiss her face as I went about my food shopping and it was only after I checked out that I remembered I had forgotten to get some flowers for the altars at home for Vesak. Heck, now got to buy them from Veronica’s which is always so pricey.

Then I saw the woman who sued the Novena priests in the high profile case had gone. I was glad as I felt a certain uneasiness with her around.

After settling for two pricey stalks of tuber rose at $3.50 per stalk, only to be told on payment (after the flowers were wrapped), that I needed to pay 40 cents more for GST, I suddenly noticed that the woman hadn’t “gone” — she had moved to the bench facing the escalators  connecting the basement with Level 1.

Goodness, was she waiting for someone? Could I move pass her quickly enough, in case she morphs into a snake… eeks, with such uncomfortable thoughts, I stole glances at her from the corners of my eyes, as I negotiated my trolley to the escalator to B2 carpark.

The woman looked forlorn and harmless enough but who knows for heaven’s sake! Perhaps it wasn’t her but last night, I googled the case on google images and found photos that confirmed it was the Novena woman I saw all right.

It’s difficult not to feel sorry for her yet given the psychological problems the Court was told she was suffering from, it makes me wonder whether she shouldn’t be taken into care, for her sake as well as that of the public?

I know I would have a fright should she pull her snake stunt when I’m around.. meanwhile, I don’t think I want to buy from Veronica’s again — far better tuber roses cost about 1,000 to 2,000 rupiah a stalk in Bali! And I was charged more than 10 times that in Singapore. Ridiculous!

$7.40 for two stalks from Veronica's

$7.40 for two stalks from Veronica's

4 thoughts on “Woman who sued Novena priests?

  1. Hey, I like this new blog look! Wah, those flowers are expensive but certainly expected from GWC. My, you do seem to meet lots of people!

  2. Hi Blur: thanks for noticing the template change. Neat huh? Tho I do hate sacrificing the header of the fly on the cheddar at Cold Storage GWC! U r right abt prices being generally higher at GWC — at least for Veronica’s n Cold Storage. Tho I can’t figure out y — when compared to say Bugis Junction (for Cold Strorage) when the human traffic there is so much better. Running into people: guess my eyes r always peeled for “celebrities” 🙂 ? Lastly: happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Perhaps, your encounter with her has something to do with karma? If I had had the good fortune to come across a “celebrity” I’d have taken pictures. She gambled but failed abjectly in sueing the priests.

  4. Actually it did cross my mind n my fingers were camera-fone itchy. However, I’m also generally a coward n was quite afraid that I wld even accidentally catch her eye…. as for karma, well s’pore is a small place leh, so cld have run into u as well as her. btw, tq for confirming that yr template is a wordpress freebie. Strange tt they removed it, as it’s quite striking…

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