Budget meal @ Ikea

We had a budget meal at Ikea’s cafe at its Alexander Road outlet last week. Had gone there intending to buy a door mat but decided to eat first.

For the three of us, we spent a total of $16.40, that included two desserts for which we paid $1.20 and $1 respectively, and a coke and coffee (both drinks + water were free).

We had one main: roast chicken leg with butter rice and vegetable comprising boiled brocoli, carrots and cabbage ($5.50). To that, we added an extra helping of brocoli ($2), two deep fried chik wings ($2.80), a pickled herring plate ($2.90) and two ciabatta rolls ($1).

We shared most of the items, with mum and maid sharing the main and I taking the pickled herring as they both hated the stuff. I took the mid wings, while they took the drumlets and the wing tips. I had roll as did they plus the butter rice. Desserts were shared three-ways while maid took the coke, mum the water and I the coffee.

so tasty for $16.40

so tasty for $16.40

A good meal was had by all, after which we bought more than the door mat (which in fact we didn’t as we couldn’t find the exact replica of what we have currently).

Instead maid bought three toys for her kid back home while I bought bed sheets and a duvet cover. Mum had a good outing.

No wonder Ikea keeps its food prices at its cafe so reasonable, if not value for money. It fuels the mood to buy after the stomach has been more than satisfied.


4 thoughts on “Budget meal @ Ikea

  1. My son likes the roast chicken leg with coleslaw and mashed potato. I haven’t tried it myself but it must be quite good cos he doesn’t normally like the leg.

    I quite like the nasi lemak actually. It’s no wonder how Ikea cafe is always so packed!

  2. Hi Blur! Welcome back! Thought u had abandoned reading me, perhaps offended by my wholly wicked comments abt the Aware old gals who got chucked out!

    Whatever the reason, glad u continue to read! Chicken leg: well, it must be very good, because mum polished off the drumstick without the usual fuss abt there being too much food, while the maid ate the the thigh, again without the usual kenyang fuss. And this was on top of each eating both ends of the chicken wings, while I took the mid section.

    Is the nasi lemak good? Must try it next time I happen to be there…

  3. I won’t forsake you! I’m aware of your post about Aware but didn’t leave any comments…

    I find the nasi lemak rather tasty. Some people miss it because it’s mostly served at the halal counter.

  4. Aware: I can b very, very unreasonably mean! Tks 4 not encouraging me… 😉
    Nasi lemak: will lk out for it…

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