Not my idea of R & R..

It had started as another of those irregular gatherings spear-headed either by this or that ex-colleague who likes to keep in touch. We go Dutch and are relaxed about where we meet n eat although value for money and ease of access are primary concerns for most of those who attend. Besides catching up.

Hence, I’ve been back to Sha Tin Kitchen in Lorong 3 Geylang twice more since the other “MK” organised a lo-hei there over the CNY. Unusual but good food and reasonable prices. The appetiser crispy non oily fish skin dipped in superior stock is something to die for!

There aren’t that many reviews about Sha Tin at its new location on the Internet but here are two: one could be found here and also at the blog of W who incidentally is a friend’s kid and whose blog I follow avidly.

The latest gathering on Saturday was in the East, as two thirds of the attendees lived in that part of the world.

The restaurant was chosen by C n L. Modern vegetarian with a capital M. Monkeyhead mushrooms. Olive rice. Brown rice. Tofu. Edamame. Organice this and that. U get the drift foodwise?

And such a high quotient on hip that we were made to sit on varnished ex-tree trunks cut length wise or across. Dead uncomfortable but they form part of the drop-dead minimalist ID.

In keeping with the minimalist look, the food portions were small, even dainty, altho the average price per dish was about $12. We ended paying $22 per head, without dessert, or twice what one would have to pay at Sophie’s at her most expensive.

Apres lunch we headed for Dunman Market for its vaunted ice kacang but I wasn’t impressed, as I don’t like shaved ice –at least not a lot of it; I don’t want condensed milk drizzled on the ice but I want loads of attap chee.

Well, I managed to have the hawker hold the condensed milk but I got just one attap chee in my ice kacang and not much else.

Worse, before I could have more than two teaspons of the durain puree topping, it toppled over, perhaps acting as my proxy, because one ex-colleague lost her cool with me for asking her a question I had thought her sophisticated enough to handle.

I just asked whether she dates someone at a particular organisation — named the organisation but not the date’s name. That was enough to set her off the deep-end.

I had several decisions to make while the ranting was going on. Do I scoop up the puree from the table (something I might have done without a 2nd thought had it happened in my own home– I’m less fussed abt personal dirt), make a joke of the toppled puree to mollify the ranter (“my punishment for my indiscreet question”) or summon the cleaner to clear up the mess.

I did the latter two: she  wasn’t mollified or amused and after giving me a drop-dead look continued with her philosophy of life. The cleaner was kinder and did as I bid.

A fourth option did cross myt mind: gather up my stuff and bid everyone good bye with the lame excuse that i suddenly remembered another appointment.

But coward that I was, I let that thought pass because I didn’t want to show I felt clobbered. Also, not to offend the others who had nothing to do with the question and the unexpected outburst that followed.

In fact, I actually apologised to m’lady for the “inappropriate” question when we parted at the end of the outing to which she graciously replied that it was no issue, just that she’s been queried so many times be4.

To which I almost replied “then y the XXXX make such a fuss?” but swallowed the words be4 they could come out of my mouth.

However, for sure I wouldn’t go to another gathering that includes this firebrand because I don’t need her sort of selective rudeness on a hot Saturday afternoon meant for R and R.

Fortunately, C and L’s invite back to their cosy home near Tembeling Road to cool down made up for the very nasty one-way lecture.  

And here are two cheery pix of that delightful hideaway to take away the sting from what would otherwise have been a ruined week-end!

underworld beauty

underworld beauty

a stunning entrance

a stunning entrance


2 thoughts on “Not my idea of R & R..

  1. Wow, I love the paintings! Aiya, but feel sorry you had to endure some stupid lecture especially after you only got ONE attap chee and lost the durian topping on a weekend. Not to mention paying so much for a minimal lunch. But you wrote it so well, it made me laugh 🙂

  2. Thank you Blur for your (hopefully?) endless appreciation. It spurs me on to record mundane events from my perspective of cos. Ms Firebrand probably has another version, hehe! Yes, so terrible, a scolding, 1 attap chee and then not enough durian puree to get the taste.

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