A returned cheque makes it four..

Monday was unusual insofar as one “bad” thing after another happened to me — all in the space of perhaps half an hour.

I was driving to the Tanglin Club to meet a long-time acquaintance when I suddenly felt a terrible tummy ache coming on and cursed my greed at lunch at Wan Hao at Marriott Hotel earlier on.

I was lunching with an indulgent friend and after ordering almond tea for dessert, expressed a desire to have an egg beaten into the hot liquid. This host never thwarts me over anything I want — not once in all the 30+ years of our friendship.

So the wait was duly asked to tell the kitchen to whip an egg into the dessert. I got my food crave and duly blamed my subsequent rumbling stomach cramps on it. The Chinese call it “wind”.

I wasn’t particularly worried as I reached the club feeling uncomfortable but not desperate. As it was late afternoon, no problem at the carpark. Rushed to the main ladies behind the reception. Then horrors, I found it was under repair.

By then, I thought I was in a nightmare. I needed desperately to go but there was no toilet in sight.

Hoping I won’t meet anyone I knew who might stop me to talk — I was lucky, the club was quite empty that day — I managed to find another set of Ladies in another part of the premises in the nick of time.

How lucky I thought and since I had about 5 minutes to spare be4 my appointment, went to the reception to pay my monthly club bill.

Then as I made my way to the Main Lounge to meet my acquaintance, I felt the sandal on left foot feeling particularly loose. I looked down and horrors saw that the front, held together by a delicate bowl had split. It is the same 3.5cm pair I teetered to FiftyThree at Armenian Street in.

I couldn’t wear that sandal any more! I had to remove my right sandal too and go barefoot. I don’t have the same guts or chutzpah as TC’s sister, S, who could remain at a gala function for hours, eating and mingling with guests and then going onto the presentation ceremony and concert that followed, hobbling all the while in one high heel shoe, after the heel in her other shoe broke at the start of the function. I know! I was there.

So I fumed all the while as I sat drinking tea with the acquaintance, wondering when I could make a polite getaway, as I felt silly to be sitting in the Main Lounge, barefoot, and also dreading how I could make my way to the carpark and then back home with no sandals.

Yet, on the way home, I thanked my lucky stars that the sandal didn’t give way when I was going up or going down the escalator to and from Wan Hao! I might have had a terrible accident.

They say bad things come in threes and I had already been hit with three: bad stomach, toilets under repair and a broken sandal. I heaved a sigh of relief. Indeed, I counted myself lucky — as each bad thing could have been worse.

But no, one more bad thing surfaced yesterday. It actually happened on Monday but I received the notification only yesterday. I had dated the cheque issued to Tanglin Club wrongly: wrote 07 when it should have been 09 for the year.

The good thing of course is that the cheque wasn’t to a credit card company: had that been the case, I would have been whacked with a $50 surcharge!

2 thoughts on “A returned cheque makes it four..

  1. Hobbling on broken sandals… that happened to me once while walking along Cecil Street. My business associate, a no-nonsense British guy, said without any sympathy, “You ladies and your silly shoes.”

    But I do understand your predicament.

  2. I didn’t hobble. I just took both off and walked barefoot — arrrggg the indignity of it — unlike you or the friend I wrote abt. Reason is: I was/am afraid of hurting my back which hobbling along could do…

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