Birthday eats & treats

It’s usual to feed one’s face whenever there’s a birthday. Two birthday celebrations I participated in for two friends born in March were no different, except that the older one by far (newly widowed, she hit her 81st barely 100 days after her better half went to heaven) threw a sumptuous lunch at home for her friends whereas I co-hosted with four others to mark the 57th year of a wang-lau-wu.

As they say, age be4 beauty, tho this doesn’t detract fm the fact that the birthday girl is a very stunning looker even at 81. And a great cook to boot. So I shall start with some mouth watering pictures of the spread Auntie GY cooked up with her maid by letting the picture do the talking.

after the first guests' attack

after the first guests' attack

Like many times be4, I forgot to snap be4 my mouth snapped on the food. Hence above was what was left on the table after the 30+ guests had their first round.

Every dish was home cooked, including roti jala (in the foreground) which are lacy crepes normally eaten with curry. As many of the dishes were moist with delicious gravy — sambal sweet potato leaves, rendang, curry chicken, honey pork ribs etc — guests were able to enjoy the roti in many flavours.

As the sweet potato leaves had come straight from the b-girl’s own garden, that was what I ate most besides pork ribs.

While the occasion was to celebrate a good long life, it was also a time of some sadness, a fact made patently clear when Auntie GY asked to be allowed to make a speech, in which she recalled the happier times she had with her spouse in the same house. She also singled out most of the guests present for mention, with some boasting friendships of 60 years with her. More recent ones like myself  have called her friend for at least 10 years.

Another reason for sadness was that it won’t be long be4 she moves to live with her daughter as her house is too big for her alone and yet too small for her daughter and family to move in. And her faithful maid will be leaving her too, snapped up by one of her many friends.

I wonder whether at 81, Auntie GY could adapt to the change, even tho she’s going to move in with devoted children as the cakes they bought her from Cedele (below) showed. Yet change she must, since one change had already been thrust on her, making all the subsequent changes merely responses triggered by the first.

More about the other birthday celebration at Fifty Three @ Armenina Street in a later post.  Meanwhile enjoy the tributes in flowers and fruits (pix below) given to Auntie GY who in line with her practice at most parties, played the piano and organ (in turn) and sang all the old, old favourites …like Now is the hour…

bouquet n cedele cakes

bouquet n cedele cakes

fruitful tribute

fruitful tribute

blooming tribute

blooming tribute






2 thoughts on “Birthday eats & treats

  1. Since it’s her children’s home, she would be quite familiar with it. And since it’s larger and and nearer town than her current place, those are plus points too. And of cos she would get a household of pple most of the time, which she doesn’t have any more in her own place. So on balance while she probably won’t have deliberately chosen such a move had her better half been still around, I guess as an elderly widow, it’s a change that’s far better than that thrust upon other widows of similar vintage…

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