Disappointment is going to…

Uncle’s Kitchen (the old Tea Shake Hut) full of anticipation of eating its nasi lemak only to find that it wasn’t on the menu for the day!

So I made do with its dry mee siam which was and still is a great favourite, as readers about my obssession with T-Shake Hut would know.

However I’m funny like that about food and perhaps about most things in my life too: when I set out to eat/get something and am thwarted on arrival I lose my appetite or fervour. I’m not made to make do with what I want to eat on a particular day and last Wednesday (Mar 11) was the same.

I had been licking my lips about the nasi lemak for a whole week, having eaten it entirely by chance when my coz J and I lunched at Uncle’s on Mar 5.

I would normally have gone for the dry mee siam but in my old age decided to be adventurous and try something different, even tho the item had been on Tea Shake’s old menu ever since the first time I made the Hut’s acquaintance a couple of years ago.

Perhaps I was very hungry when I ate it but the rice, sambal sausage, sambal French beans, BBQ honey chik mid-wings etc were so tasty and nice that I found I had literally licked the plate clean and still felt far from full. I hesitated about ordering a second round as that would have been the height of greed to eat two portions at one sitting.

Hence the persistent longing to return to have another go and after seven days finally found the opportunity on Mar 11. I was completely devastated to be told “no nasi lemak today; only on Thursday and Friday!”

Ahhhh why didn’t anyone tell me that when I was slurping up the nasi… hence I shall be at Uncle’s this Friday, Mar 20…

Meanwhile, the picture of this dish will have to do… to keep my saliva in check:

rice so fragrant

rice so fragrant


5 thoughts on “Disappointment is going to…

  1. I can fully empathise! If I go somewhere with a clear idea of what I want to eat and they don’t have it, I get utterly disappointed and lose my appetite. But you do make the nasi lemak sound so desirable. Maybe next time you’ll really bump into me there!

  2. Sure — if we run into each other, pse say hi. As for getting disappointed — and losing my apetite — when I don’t get to eat what I anticipate, it happens even when I go to friends’ to eat. Like when I expect popiah and they serve bak kut teh. Worse is when I go to a restaurant wanting to eat its speciality dessert and then after I’ve had my meal only to find out that they didn’t serve that particular dessert that day. Lagi worse is to b told that they have served the last portion– to the next table. I’ve been known to experience indigestion when this happened.

  3. Haha, you’re so funny! If you ever come to my house in future, please tell me what you want me to cook. I don’t want to see you suffering from indigestion!

  4. I hope it’s funny haha and not funny queer! But u r right. Some of my food preferences and moods have exasperated eating kakis so that one actually opt for vegetarian food, so that I needn’t go thru the list of meats/fish I don’t eat!!

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