Rent an oldie for Shang discount?

After my previous post on Flash Your Age for an equivalent discount — followed by an e-blast to the unfortunates (or fortunates, depending on your perspective) in my address book– EL wrote me to ask if the birthday person is 110, would Shangrila pay him 10% of his bill?

While that’s a hypothetical question, another pal I e-blasted posed a real question: “”Someone has an uncle celebrating his 104th birthday this yr. FOC for him
and 7 guests,  at Shangrila I guess?”

I haven’t answered EW yet but a quick check on the Net found that smart alecks have already posed such questions to Shangrila — or at least claimed to have — and the reply from the hotel is said to be this:

“If you are 100 years old, up to 8 people dine for free!!   Seriously that is what they told me when I asked.” This info came from a Makansutra forum.

Still, whether the person is 50 years or 110 years, the deal at Shangrila, if honoured as stated over the phone, is a great bargain.  Imagaine, getting dining discounts for up to 8 persons and only limited to the age of the birthday boy or girl! Making the older the better!

Guess if it isn’t your birthday and you don’t have a relative, friend or acquaintance who can help you harvest Shangrila’s generosity, then why not head for a senior citiizens activities centre or an old folks home and try your luck.

That way, an old folk gets to eat good and you and your pals get to enjoy a bargain be4 Shangrila decides the Flash Your Age campaign is getting to be too costly a gimmick to be a long term viable business diet.

Incidentally, I hear it’s better to call the hotel at 67373644 and ask for Dining Reservations rather than end up with extremely tired fingers calling 62134396 — the number given in the Flash flyer and which number I kept calling over two days be4 finally getting thru!


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